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I’ve been reading a lot of posts recently about various glitches being experienced on WordPress from comments and likes never being seen and being sent to the spam folder, posts being scheduled to never get published and vanishing into the unknown, the stats being scrambled… I’m currently experiencing 2 totally separate glitches it seems…

1) My reader isn’t showing hardly any of the blogs that I follow. I can see a few hours worth of posts by people I follow then it shows me things I saw 2 weeks ago. This is super frustrating as I really like to read all the posts my blog friends publish.

2) My spell check button has totally disappeared. I can’t find it on the app or on the website when writing posts. I’ve tried logging out and back in, refreshing the page and still nothing…

If anyone has any suggestions, especially with the spell check then help would be greatly appreciated! Writing everything on word to copy and paste into the editor is a P.I.T.A (pain in the a$$)

Just to note I am using the Classic editor as I’m still figuring out Gutenberg….

Edited to add, this is my current screen when blogging….

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  1. Problem #1 I sometimes have on the WordPress app on my phone, and logging out and logging back in seems to fix the problem.
    Problem #2 Someone mentioned recently that WordPress decided to do away with their spellchecker since most internet browsers have built-in spellcheckers. I use Google Chrome and sometimes Safari to write my posts and they’ll catch typos as I make them.

  2. I wouldnt use the reader! Its very very glitchy! I get notified via email of blog posts from people I follow. I never use the reader. Not sure about spellcheck, hum, weird!

    1. I don’t get email alerts from all those I follow – for some it seems to happen automatically, others not – hence I need to go into Reader / Follow periodically. I don’t have the glitches mentioned, but recently WP has been making me log in every time I want to Like or Comment on something, which is annoying.

  3. I was SOOO resistant to the Gutenberg editor but now I don’t mind it. If you select the “classic” block, it’s basically the exact same thing as the classic editor haha it works well for me, and it has a spellcheck!!

    As for the reader, I have always hated it! Once I learned how to get new posts sent to my email, I haven’t gone back to using the reader at all, for any reason lol it’s amazing

    And I’ve had a few comments go missing as well! Strange things

      1. I’ve had so many weird problems with the classic editor that I’m just going to take the plunge and start to figure out Gutenberg as I go before its forced onto us! Xx

      2. OH! One thing I’m just realizing since I’m in the classic block right now, is that you can’t add any photos from google photos, or at least not in my very sleep state I can’t figure it out. But that’s an easy fix, if you just add an “image” block and then you can haha. That’s my one main complaint (and why it took me so long to switch over) was that it was so hard to figure out the photos thing.

  4. Have you tried Grammarly? It is a keyboard app that checks for spelling and other grammatical errors. The free version is fine by me but I have considered the paid version especially when they offered it at a super discounted rate. I use it as my phone’s keyboard as well as on my laptop. I really like the weekly emails they send you with a report of the common mistakes you made, they compare your word choices with that of other users, and at the bottom of the email, they link very useful content in terms of proper English. You have a choice between English in the U.S. and English in the U.K. I think this is the best tool I use.

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