A Look Around My Home – Bathroom

I have been wanting to do another “Look Around My Home” room tour for a while (you can see my living room post here) but I felt, at the time, that none of my rooms were quite how I wanted them to be.  When I scheduled this post into my blog calendar, I was hoping that my bedroom would be ready to show you all, but, in the last few weeks I have moved my room around and am thinking about re-decorating it as the colour on the walls currently, is not my favorite. Instead of postponing this post though, I have chosen to share with you all my bathroom which I’m super happy with right now!

Just to let you know that this post IS IMAGE HEAVY… (just to warn you incase it doesn’t load on your device…)

As you can see my bathroom has a duck theme with blue and yellow accessories.  I really love the little drawer unit which is handy to keep all my bathroom essentials in along with any spare bath products.  I love that I can display my collections of sea glass, shells and pebbles on top.  This room is really bright and fun and always makes me smile!

How have you styled your bathroom?

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