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Today, for my Top 10 series (you can find other posts here) I am sharing my Top 10 Purchases.  These items are things that I have purchased over time that I have found to be really useful day-to-day!

  1. My Bag.  You can read about what I carry around in my bag here!  I am still super impressed with this bag since I purchased it back in February.  I can’t believe how much it holds and how easy it is to find all my things.  And it is still looking brand new despite using it daily to and from work!Other Views
  2. Cafetière.  I can’t seem to survive without coffee and my cafetière is a constant in my life, whether it is beside me when I’m blogging, or snuggled on the sofa reading, it is never too far away.IMG_3015[1]
  3. Desk.  My desk is so important as it gives me a workspace that is away from the rest of the house.  It is my space to write and craft and suits me much better than working from my living room table or my coffee table in my living room.  When I sit down at my desk to work I become focused on that task and I get less distracted, which was a huge problem before I set up my desk area.  It gives me a sense of purpose.IMG_1591
  4. Salt Lamp.  I never thought a lamp could make that much difference to mood and how I feel.  I use this lamp of an evening, it is set up beside my bed on my bedside table and it really calms and relaxes me and gets me in the mood for sleeping.img_5132
  5. Kindle.  I’ve had my kindle for so many years and now it’s pretty ancient!  I read quite a lot, mostly at lunch times in work and at bed times and purchasing this was a good idea as I didn’t like to cart around a book with me, that and I like to have options when it comes to what I want to read and often I have 2 or 3 books on the go at once.  It has been everywhere with me too, accompanying me on holidays, to festivals and to and from work.img_1434
  6. Zebra Mildliners.  I love highlighters and these are really lovely to use.  I originally purchased them when I was really into bullet journalling and wanted a grey highlighter.  I love that these are not super bright, as the name suggests, these are mild toned.  They are also dual tipped, one end is the traditional highlighter tip and the other end is more like a marker pen which makes them perfect for highlighting and also for colouring in.
  7. img_1324Fountain Pens.  I love fountain pens, and the neon green one is my current go-to favorite.  I love how they make your handwriting look loads better and how they feel to write with.
  8. img_1319Filofax Malden.  The keeper of my brain and the organiser of my life.  I love that you can add different things depending on what you need, from task sheets, to do lists, note paper, drawing paper, diary inserts in loads of different formats.  My Filofax has been used in so many different ways and for different parts of my life and I can’t ever imagine being without it.
  9. img_0204Desk Planner Pad.  I keep this on my desk at home and write down anything that needs doing in the week.  It is a great reminder of what needs to be done, whether it is something to do with my blog, house work or phone calls to make.  I jot these things down when I think of them and then transfer to my Filofax if I need to.
  10. IMG_1571Organiser Sticky Notes.  I like that these sticky notes come in a cute little fold out book which makes them easy to keep with you and the mix of different styles is really useful for different things.  I use the lined notes for blog ideas, the grid for any figures I may need, and the other notes for smaller ideas or to mark pages in my Filofax.IMG_1565

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  1. Some great purchases! I think I would most like to have those highlighters and the salt lamp. Thanks for sharing!

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