Defining My Blog

Having an idea of where your blog fits in the blogging world is a really useful thing when it comes to thinking about topics to write about and creating your blog posts.  It also gives you a general idea of the kind of readers you may get and what kind of audience to aim your posts towards.  Defining your blog is something to look at, maybe once every few months, to see if your post topics have caused a shift into another theme of blog from when you started, help to re-assess what works and what doesn’t and is also really useful when crafting future content for your site.

Today I am examining my blog, where it currently sits in terms of theme of blog and determining the definition of my blog.

At present my blog sits in the lifestyle theme of blogs.  A lifestyle blog can incorporate many different topics and subjects but usually cover things that the blogger is interested in.  My blog covers topics such as mental health, arts and crafts, reviews, interior design, decorating, stationery, planning, organising and recipes.  I chose the theme of a lifestyle blog as content can be vast and not tied to just one subject.  Being a lifestyle blogger gives me more freedom in what I write about and share.  I knew, before I started, that I wanted to be able to write about a range of different things including help and advice articles and sharing my own opinions.

I can’t see my blog moving from the Lifestyle category but it will be interesting to see where it sits in a few months time.

What type of blog do you have?  And how do you define it?


19 thoughts on “Defining My Blog

  1. The best thing about my blog is that is has no definition haha! It’s just my own personal journal so I write whatever, whenever, and if people don’t like it or can’t follow then that’s ok lol but I do think I have a blog that most people can enjoy.

  2. My blog has always been pretty mental health-focused, and that’s unlikely to ever change, but I don’t feel constrained by that if I feel like writing about other things.

  3. I don’t think my blog falls into any particular category. Sometimes it’s humor. Sometimes it’s movies/TV. Sometimes it’s personal observation. I’ll never be able to monetize the thing because I’ll never be able to stick to one thing.

  4. I couldn’t pin point for the longest time and finally settled on a lifestyle blog because I want to be able to blog about the topics I’m most interested in.

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