Things I Am Looking Forward To – Spring

A little list for you today of the things I’m looking forward to over the next 3 months, also known as Spring.  There are 2 dates for when Spring starts depending on which calendar you use – the meteorological calendar (1st March) or the astronomical calendar (20th March).  See more on these dates and reasons behind the difference here.

I’m looking forward to

  • Leaves coming back to the trees
  • Lighter evenings
  • Warmer days
  • Fresh mornings
  • Dew on the grass
  • Lambs in the field
  • Daffodils
  • Spending time in the garden
  • Wearing less layers
  • Better weather
  • Walks
  • Freshly cut grass

What are you looking forward to this spring?

10 thoughts on “Things I Am Looking Forward To – Spring

      1. I’ve been trying to get out for walks lately but it’s just not the same. I just want to run haha. But I don’t want to slip and break something. I’ve been a little bit accident prone lately.

        and yes! Thank you!! I saw it 🙂 I have it still in my email to work on soon haha. Did you know you can create a ping-back so that the blogger knows you mentioned them? Instead of linking to their home page, pick a post (any post) and copy and paste the link for the post. If you do it that way, the blogger gets notified 🙂

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