Building My Flat Lay Kit

Copy of Copy of Building My (1)

I have been thinking a lot about flat lay photography and building my own flat lay kit since I attended the Bloggers Bash a while ago.  Since that day I have been going through my craft stash and really thinking about things I can use to create flat lay images.  I also visited my local Hobbycraft store and bought a few items after deciding how I would like my flat lay images to look.

Before I went searching and shopping I decided to sit down and think about my blog, what it is about and it’s identity.  I have a theme that runs through my blog of colour, being bright and fun.  I try to theme the days using the colours of the rainbow…

  • Monday – Red
  • Tuesday – Orange
  • Wednesday – Yellow
  • Thursday – Green
  • Friday – Blue
  • Saturday – Indigo/Purple
  • Sunday – Violet

and this theme runs through the graphics I create for each blog post.  I knew that I wanted to keep that theme with any flat lay images I would be introducing to the blog and other social media platforms.

Once I had that in mind I then started to think about the kinds of blog posts that I publish, I have several different categories that I post in, from craft things, blog items, personal, fashion, reviews, beauty and food.  While a lot of these posts are not tied to specific days, they are re-occurring posts.  I sat and made a list of items that could be used as photography props for these categories – make-up brushes, stationery, hair clips, anything that I could think of went on the list.

I then narrowed down what I wanted to add to my kit that would be permanent items and separated out those items that were of everyday nature and that I could grab at any point.

I decided that I wanted colourful background papers and had a vast stash from scrapbook and card making projects that I sifted through one afternoon.  I sat and made 7 different piles according to which colours I had assigned to each day.


I had some Project Life cards and some Smash Book pads (which I can only seem to find now on Amazon) and La-De-Da papers that I also separated out and added to the piles.  I really like that these cards and papers have patterns and quotes on them and think they could come in really useful!


I bought some wooden letters from Hobbycraft and spent an evening watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix and painting them with acrylic paint in their assigned colours.

I also bought a background paper from Amazon which was double-sided,


I ended up with two because the first one came really badly battered, the second one was not much better.  They were really badly packaged, wrapped around a foam strip and then placed in a plastic bag, there was no protection at all.  Lesson learned – cheap is not always good.  I have had them placed under heavy books and some of the creases have become less noticeable.

I added to my kit some foliage and fake grass, all from Hobbycraft, that I can use to add interest to the background of my images.


I have gathered other items to add to my kit from my craft stash and other places.

I have also added a ring light for my phone and a gooseneck stand to help with actually capturing the image.  I got both from Amazon with a gift certificate that I had been given.

Here’s the full kit so far!  I have it all stored in a plastic box that I had laying around, and each day has been separated out into its own zipped folder ready for me to grab when needed.  I have some things lose that can be used for any day of the week!


Do you have a flat lay kit?  What items do you use the most?  I’d love to hear about your kit’s in the comments!

Top 10 Flat Lay Props

top 10 flat lay props

Since attending the Flat Lay Workshop at The Bloggers Bash I have been thinking about flat lay photography and creating a kit for myself so that I can use it in images for this blog in the future.  Today’s Top 10 Thursday post is a list of items I am considering in creating my kit.

  • A ring light for my phone.
  • A background, though at the moment I am unsure what I want to use as my background.
  • Fake flowers and foliage.
  • Ribbon and lace.
  • Patterned fabric, card, and papers.
  • Shells and pebbles.
  • Confetti.
  • Fairy lights.
  • Letters and numbers, though I’m not sure what style yet, though scrabble tiles are an option.
  • Wooden shapes.

What sort of things would you put in your flat lay kit?