Weekly Roundup 09/06/19 – 15/06/19

  • Sunday 09/06/19

It was one of those really lazy days today. I woke late and eased myself into the day with a coffee. I sat and worked on some blog posts for much of the day, in between getting 2 loads of washing done and some cleaning and tidying. My friend surprised me with a visit in the early evening which was nice. We sat and watched some things on Netflix and chatted. Roxy got spoiled as always with lots of cuddles and treats!

  • Monday 10/06/19

Work seemed to zoom by! I spent much of the day collating statements ready to send out to our payees and I still have more to finish tomorrow before they go in the post. After work I headed home, my friend came over for food. We didn’t do much but it was nice to sit and watch tv. After my friend had gone home, I prepared my lunch for the following day and headed to bed to read for a bit with Roxy.

  • Tuesday 11/06/19

Finished collating the statements in work and got them all into the post today, I then worked on a pile of stuff for payment next month. It’s weird doing a payments job sometimes, I always seem to forget which month we are in, I process pay that is based on things from the previous month to be paid for the following so never really “live” in the present month. Right now we are processing items that happened in May for pay in July. No wonder I can’t keep track of the days or months at times!

  • Wednesday 12/06/19

I worked today but got to leave at 3 because I had built up enough flexi-time! I got home and packed Roxy’s things as she is going to stay with her hooman Daddy while I am away in London. He came to collect her when I got home from work. Spent the evening sorting out what I wanted to take with me to London for my trip and starting to pack my things! It was really odd not having Roxy at home with me.

  • Thursday 13/06/19

Had work again today which went by without anything interesting happening! After work I had to drop my car down to my parent’s house, my Dad is going to give it a service while I’m away. My friend followed me down to Mum and Dads to be able to give me a lift home, we had a lovely evening with them, had a nice catch-up and a cup of tea before heading back. I finished packing and had a shower and went to bed once I’d got in.

  • Friday 14/06/19

Up early this morning, 4:30am, as my friend was sticking me up at 5:30am to take me to the bus stop for my bus to London. It rained a lot in the night which kept waking me up but, weirdly, I don’t feel too tired at the moment!  Got to my brothers at around 11:00 and had a cup of coffee, lunch and then went for a walk.  We came back to his house and chilled for a bit before going to collect my niece and nephew from school.  We came back and played with the kids before my sister in law came home from work.  My brother cooked us dinner and then we went for another walk and a visit to the local pub rounded off the night.

  • Saturday 15/06/19

Woke up from a lovely sleep and had a shower before we all sat and had breakfast of banana pancakes!  We got dressed, my brother and I got ready to head to Westminster.  We got the train from Lewisham to Victoria and then walked to the Grange Wellington Hotel for the 5th Bloggers Bash!  We had a really lovely day and learned a lot, it was really interesting to listen to all of the speakers and their experiences.  We also had a flat lay workshop that was brilliant!  We headed back to Victoria and back to the house.  Feeling tired now!


Weekly Roundup 02/06/19 – 08/06/19

Weekly Roundup 12_05_19 - 18_05_19

  • Sunday 02/06/19

It rained much of the morning and didn’t really cease until gone 2pm.  I used that time to sort through some blog things that had been bugging me and working on some post ideas.  In the afternoon, once the rains had stopped, I decided to do some work in the garden.  I dug up a strip of grass that was against the wall at the bottom of my garden, turned the soil and sowed some wildflower seeds.  I also decided on a location for my lavender plant and managed to get that planted out too.

  • Monday 03/06/19

Back to work today…it feels like the weekend went far too quickly!  Still, the next weekend will be here before we know it!  I was awake super early this morning and headed to work for 8am.  My day in work went ok, we are nearing the end of the payment month so have work that needs to be compelted before the deadline though I managed to clear my desk and leave at 3pm!  I came home and pottered about for a bit before my friend came over.  We went to Morrisons for some food, came home and cooked and then watched Always Be My Maybe on Netflix.

  • Tuesday 04/06/19

Work was ok, the day sort of came and went.  I came home and sat reading some blogs while having a coffee then decided to make some food (Jacket potato!) and watch Dumplin’ on Netflix.  I had a pretty chilled evening and had an early night too.

  • Wednesday 05/06/19

I woke up tired and felt like I hadn’t been asleep for very long and that I could have happily slept for most of the day.  Work stressed me out today, it was too noisy in the office and we still had lots to do to finish the payment cycle.  This stress affected me all day and I was a bit grumpy by the time I got home.  When I got home from work Roxy and I went and lay on the bed and I had a little sleep for an hour or so.  I woke up still feeling grumpy, came down and had a coffee.  My friend turned up and we went up to the shop and got icecream and cake to cheer me up.  I did start feeling better after that.  We then watched Black Mirror before my friend had to go home.  I then sat and watched an episode of Good Girls before heading to bed.

  • Thursday 06/06/19

I woke early and had a shower as I really didnt have the energy to shower before bed last night and got ready for work, headed in with the sun shining and in a much better mood than yesterday.  We have now finished the work for payment and there wasn’t much to do, just tying up loose ends and getting around to things that had been put to the wayside like filing and sorting paperwork.  An email was sent around asking if any of the staff would like to become a workplace mediator – to help resolve conflicts in the workplace without escalating to a higher level, I really like the idea of this so I filled in the application and sent that off. The role would run alongside my main job and be an A’s needed voluntary position. The day went fairly quickly and at 4:15pm I left work with my friend and walked over to my car.  I had to pick my meds up from the pharmacy on the way home and was plesantly surprised that they had got my full prescription ready and correct!  I spent the evening working on my bullet journal and watching Good Girls.

  • Friday 07/06/19

 Work came and went today, the whole day seemed to pass by really slowly and I was glad to see 5pm roll around! It was a grey, dull day with lots of heavy rain, we even had a few thunder storms. After work I headed home, my friend came over and we chatted, watched the new episode of Black Mirror, An episode of Good Girls and The Society on Netflix. It was a really lovely evening after what hadn’t really been the best of days.

  • Saturday 08/06/19

This morning I woke around 9am, Roxy wasn’t in bed with me which isn’t unusual, sometimes she likes to take herself off to the spare room or downstairs to have a snooze on the sofa. I lay and read some blog posts for 20mins before Roxy realised I was awake and came padding in for cuddles. We got up around 10am and went downstairs to have breakfast and coffee. I decided to work on some up-coming blog posts and schedule them in before I go away next weekend. Mum called me to ask if I fancied going down for tea so I showered and got ready to be there for 5pm. It was nice to spend some time with my Mum and Dad. After food, I headed home around 9pm and finished working on a post then watched an episode of Good Girls before bed.

Weekly Roundup 26/05/19 – 01/06/19

Weekly Roundup 12_05_19 - 18_05_19(1)

  • Sunday 26/05/19

I woke up late today (around 11:30am).  I have been feeling really lethargic over the last few days and even though I had a nap in the afternoon yesterday I still felt really tired all afternoon.  I can’t decide if it is because my hayfever is playing up or not.  Maybe its just that my body needs a rest.  I woke up, came down and made a coffee, sat and read some blogs.  I’m off to my parents for dinner later, my brother, sister in law and the littles are down from London and I can’t wait to see them.  I called my Mum to find out what time I needed to be ready and head down for dinner.  I don’t need to be down to theirs until 5pm so I don’t need to get ready until 3:30pm so I used that time to plant some salad seeds.  I also planted some purple carrot seed too!  I haven’t really done much else but it has been a nice day so far!  I went to my parent’s house around 5pm yesterday, both my brothers were there as well as my sister in law and the littles.  We had food (salad, potatoes, quiche, olives, beetroot and other bits) which was really yummy!  We chatted for hours and I had lots of cuddles with the littles!  I got home around 10:30pm.

  • Monday 27/05/19

This morning I was awake really early, 6:30am, so decided to get up and have a coffee then go shopping for food.  I was in Asda for 8am!  I then nipped to Aldi and bought myself a French Lavender plant for the garden and some ice lolly molds.  I then made a trip to B&M to buy some compost.  While there I spotted some lovely looking rose plants so bought one for the garden (Rose Gaujard), looking at the label the flower should be a lovely pinky, yellow ombre with the pink colour being strongest at the tips and edges of the petal!  I hope it does flower!  I spent the evening working on my bullet journal and making notes about some ideas that I have for the blog.

  • Tuesday 28/05/19

Today I had annual leave from work.  I woke late, got up and had a coffee.  I started on some layout ideas for next years bullet journal.  I had a shower and then did some more work on my bullet journal.  Later in the afternoon, I popped to my neighbor’s house to deliver some parcels I had taken in for her and to collect a parcel that had been left there for me.   We had a lovely chat then my neighbor came around to mine to help me cut down the bushes that were growing from her garden into mine.  We also managed to secure the rose bush that had been blown from its holdings into my garden.  It was a lovely few hours spent chatting and working away side by side.  I have tomorrow off from work as an annual leave day too so I may go and do some more work in the garden then.  I treated myself to a bath and spent the evening working on content for my blog while watching Wine Country on Netflix.

  • Wednesday 29/05/19

I didn’t wake until past 11am, it’s another day of annual leave for me! I had planned on working on the garden as I wanted to dig out a flower bed and plant out my rose and lavender plants but, once I was dressed and making coffee I looked out of the window and was greeted with the sight of pouring rain! Roxy didn’t fancy going out so we spent the day pottering around in the house doing laundry and working on some blog plans and scheduling. In the evening my friend came round and we had some food before watching a few episodes of “The Society” on Netflix. We celebrated my blog hitting 300 followers and 200 blog posts with a bottle of wine which was nice!

  • Thursday 30/05/19

 Back in work today after 7 days off (including the weekend and bank hol) I didn’t sleep too well, kept waking up drenched in sweat… not nice. Work went ok, a bit slow but I made it to the end of the day! I got home, went in the garden with Roxy for a bit then decided to have an early night. I was soo tired. I climbed into bed around 8:45pm and was asleep not long after!

  • Friday 31/05/19

 As the saying goes “Thank fudgesticks it’s Friday”! I feel like I have worked a whole week and not 2 days! I am so looking forward to the weekend! Work was ok, I managed to clear my desk of work by 5:30pm, packed up and headed home. I decided to make the most of the evening and put my gardening gear on and went out with Roxy! I managed to dig the flowerbed that I wanted and move some stones to edge it. All that is needed now is to set the stones and plant the border! I might do this over the weekend though! I was out in the garden until gone 9pm! I had a shower and read some of my book (I decided to read Secret Diary of a Demented Housewife by Niamh Green) then went to bed around 11:30pm.

  • Saturday 01/06/19

Today I woke early, around 5:30am. I got up and spent some time cleaning the house and watering the plants. I then worked on some blog things before going out to my friends house. He is looking after Roxy’s nephew so wanted them to meet! Roxy has had a lovely, but tiring day, playing with Zeus in the sun!

How has your week been? What did you get up to? I’d love to hear so let me know in the comments!!

Weekly Roundup 19/05/19 – 25/05/19

Weekly Roundup 12_05_19 - 18_05_19

  • Sunday 19/05/19

This morning when I woke up the sun was shining and it was the perfect light to take some photos for upcoming blog posts.  I decided to do this as soon as I got up as I want sure if the light would change, right before I had my first coffee of the day!  I got dressed and had my breakfast but by that time the rain clouds had gathered and it rained, heavy showers from mid-morning through to the night which scuppered my plans of doing some more to the garden.  Instead, I had a few ideas for graphics so spent some time playing around with Canva.  I had a shower and managed to get 2 loads of washing done and dry.  In the evening I was shutting my downstairs curtains and noticed that my tyre was flat.

  • Monday 20/05/19

I had been worried about how I was going to get to work when my tyre was flat and I have no pump for it, but my friend called in before work and blew it up for me with his tyre pump.  Work was a bit stressful, I felt like I had loads to do and not enough time to get things done in, along with that my computer, or the system, was running slow which didn’t really help my stress levels.  I stayed a bit late in work so I could get a few more things done and out of the way.  I quite like staying late, even if it is just for an extra hour, it is so much quieter and I feel like I get more done then.  I came home after work and didn’t really do much, just had some food, watched an episode of Gossip Girl and headed to bed as I felt really drained.

  • Tuesday 21/05/19

I woke up with a trapped nerve in my neck this morning.  It didn’t seem to bad when I woke and I thought it was just a bit stiff but when I tried to sit up it was really painful.  Turning my neck to look to the right was really uncomfortable and it took me ages to get ready as everything I did seemed to make it hurt.  I did some neck stretching moves in work which seemed to help relieve it a bit and by the afternoon it was only twinging when I moved too much.  Work was better today and I was glad I stayed and got some other bits done last night as it made my day a lot easier.  After work I went to my local town and bought some new summer tops, the ones that I have are at least 3 years old and the material has gone really see-through, not ideal for wearing to work!  My friend came over in the evening and we decided to have a take away from the local Indian.  We ordered a Vegetable Thali, chips, popadoms and mango chutney, it was lovely!  After tea we started watching The Society on Netflix, I had seen a few trailers for it and it looked interesting and I wasn’t disappointed!

  • Wednesday 22/05/19

Woke up to my neck still giving me grief.  I had planned on going and doing some gardening this evening but I’ve given it a miss as I don’t want to make it any worse than it already is.  Work went without any problems and I am off tomorrow and Friday which I’m really looking forward to!  I bought travel tickets to go to London next month!  I am planning on staying with my brother for a few nights and really looking forward to that!  I treated myself to a bottle of wine after work and had a nice, chilled glass of it while chilling on the sofa with Roxy reading blogs and watching Gossip Girl.

  • Thursday 23/05/19

Annual Leave Day!!!!  I had a lovely lie in with Roxy before getting up.  I spent the morning pottering around in my pyjamas before having a shower and going to town.  A friend wanted me to pop to Currys and get him a pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones, while I was there I popped to TKMax which is not far away and picked up a new food bowl for Roxy, a lovely silk maxi skirt for myself and a lovely new notebook (which I didn’t need really, but I fell in love with it and have a use for it next year!).  I came home and got changed then my neighbour and I went to the cinema to watch Avengers Endgame!  I won’t say anything about the film aside from Wow!!!  When we came back we had a drink at mine and my neighbour looked at what I had been doing with the garden and chatted about the plans I had for it then we went to hers and spent some time looking at all the plants that she had in her garden!  I have so many ideas now!  In the evening I went to visit my friend and took Roxy with me, it was nice to have a catch up.

  • Friday 24/05/19

Annual Leave.  Woke early to bright sun streaming through the bedroom window, I really must remember to shut my curtains in the night!  I cleaned the house, dusted, hoovered, mopped, moved some things around and put some other things away!  I nipped down to B&M and bought some pots for my plants to sit in so they don’t widdle water everywhere when I water them.  I then moved my plants from the kitchen draining board into the dining area and put them on the window sill.  My friend and I had planted some strawberry and chilli seeds in pots and they are already growing really well so hoping that by putting them in more sunlight they will soon flourish!  I’ve been wanting to put some pictures up on my wall for ages now, on my trip to B&M I picked up some Command Picture Strips, a bit like velcro, to hang my pictures up!  I managed to get all the pictures up that I wanted, both in my bedroom and downstairs!  I also managed to finish reading my book – Mandasue Heller Two-Faced, I decided to treat myself to a little rest between everything at lunch and spent a lovely hour curled up reading and enjoying a coffee!

  • Saturday 25/05/19

This morning I felt like I was on a go slow.  I didn’t wake particularly early and when I did it seemed to take me forever to get anything done.  I had a late breakfast/early lunch at 11:45 then got dressed and decided that my neck was much better.  I went out in the garden and removed some big rocks from under my lawn that I am going to use as border edging for the wildflower bed that I’m going to create at the bottom of the garden.  It was a lot warmer outside than I had anticipated given that it was so overcast and stormy looking.  I was covered in dirt dust and a bit sweaty once I came in so I had a shower and a midday nanna nap with Roxy.  When I woke I walked up to the local shop and got some bits and pieces that I needed food wise.  I came home and cooked some food, it is amazing how being outside in the fresh air can give you such an appetite!  I’m now sat down and finishing this entry before watching some more Gossip Girl and reading some blogs before I head to bed!

What have you been up to this week?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!!!

Weekly Roundup 12/05/19 – 18/05/19

Weekly Roundup 12_05_19 - 18_05_19

  • Sunday 12/05/19

Today was a fairly quiet day spent chilling with Roxy.  I worked on some journal spreads in my Bullet Journal, did some housework and watched some more Gossip Girl on Netflix.  I prepared my lunch for work and got my clothes together for the morning, had a shower and then read some of my book before an early night to bed!

  • Monday 13/05/19

Today was really slow.  Everything seemed to be going at a snail’s pace, even my work computer.  I was really glad for the day to be over so I could come home and relax.  I always seem to get stressed out when things are slow as I start to think about all the things I have to get done and start to panic a bit.  When I got home I had a shower and read some blogs, my book and had some food before heading to bed.

  • Tuesday 14/05/19

I signed up to the local library today.  I have not been a member of my library since I was younger and decided that I would re-join after visiting with a friend last week when he needed to make copies of some documents.  I have been trying to research some history of my house and street but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information online.  I remember my library having a fantastic range of local history books which is what spurred me on to join.  I was also surprised to learn that it is open most nights until 6pm!

  • Wednesday 15/05/19

I worked until 6pm as I wanted to get some things processed that was sat on my desk and finish off some other bits and pieces as I have annual leave booked for tomorrow and Friday.  Once I had finished I met my friend and they came over to mine for some food and to watch a film.  We had been saying that we wanted to watch Bird Box for ages so decided to watch that.  I’d heard good and bad things about the film but really enjoyed it.

  • Thursday 16/05/19

I love annual leave days!  Today I had a lie in with Roxy before starting my day around 10am. I have a list of things that I want to get done over the next few days so have made a start on that!  I worked on designing some graphics for upcoming blog posts, some Saturday Shout Out questionnaires and the prep work for the posts to go live and some other blog things, mainly background work.  I also started to create a blog mood board that I can use to refer to when creating images for my blog, Instagram and Twitter feed.  I also did some clothes washing and started to clean the house.  My brother and his family are coming down over the Bank holiday next weekend so I have plans to get the house in tip-top shape for their visit.

  • Friday 17/05/19

Another annual leave day!  I had plans today to go and do some gardening but the weather has been grey and damp all day,  not the most ideal of conditions for gardening.  I decided to spend my time planning out some blog posts for next month and working on my blog content today as well as doing some routine blog maintenance.  I have done two wash loads and tidied up a few things as well so I am feeling that I have been pretty productive.  I am going out later to see a friend with Roxy which I’m looking forward to!

  • Saturday 18/05/19

Today has been a day of doing odd jobs and working on a few ideas that I have for this blog.  I have been thinking about logos a lot and I’m still unsure about whether to update my current one but I have been playing around with a few different designs and thinking about fonts rather a lot!  I had a nap in the afternoon and woke up with another idea for a series that I might run on the blog.  Aside from that, I spent the morning helping a friend, drinking tea and having a pretty lazy day!

Weekly Roundup 05/05/19 – 11/05/19

Copy of Weekly Roundup

05/05/19 – 11/05/19

  • Sunday 05/05/19

Today I spent the day doing the washing.  I managed to get a load of white clothes done ready for the summer as well as my usual clothes washing.  I worked on some graphics for my blog using Canva and worked on some upcoming blog posts too.  In the evening my friend came round and we watched the first episode of The Blue Planet on Netflix and Pacific Rim (amazing film!!!).  I also managed to close all the rings on my Apple Watch Activity wooo!!!!

  • Monday 06/05/19

Today is a Bank Holiday, commonly known as Early Spring Bank Holiday though I like to see it as a free day off from work!  I woke early and spent some time just lazing in bed snuggling with Roxy before getting up and making coffee.  I worked on some things for the blog then one of my friends called in so we could finish off filling in forms for his van.  I then spent the rest of the day reading blogs, my book and my Blogosphere magazine.  I had planned on going out into the garden and doing some more digging but it felt a bit too cold to be outside for long.

  • Tuesday 07/05/19

I worked today but finished early as I had some flexi-time built up which meant I could leave at 4pm instead of 5pm!  I had to go and pick up my meds from the chemist, they keep my prescription there and order my repeats from the doctor for me which is really handy.  Once I had collected my meds I headed home and got changed.  The weather has been really nice today so I headed out into the garden to plant out my hydrangea and do some more digging.  I had an early night as I was feeling pretty tired after all that fresh air!

  • Wednesday 08/05/19

Today I was supposed to be going to the cinema with my neighbour to watch Avengers Endgame but we couldn’t book seats as there were none left so we have decided to try again next week.  I’ve not been feeling too good today, a bit dizzy and light headed so not going to the cinema was probably a good thing.  I came home from work and literally crawled into bed and stayed there snuggled up with Roxy and slept.

  • Thursday 09/05/19

Another day in work!  It has been really quiet in work this week as we have finished payment for the month and are just working on finishing up payment.  We can’t start working on the next payment until all the figures are checked and everything is finalised.  My friend came over after work and we watched F.R.E.D.I on Netflix, its a film about a robot!  I quite enjoyed it!  After my friend had gone home I sat and watched an episode of Gossip Girl then Roxy and I decided it was bedtime!

  • Friday 10/05/19

I quite like Fridays at work because it is dress down day and I can wear jeans and comfy clothes!  I don’t really have to think much about what I am going to wear and just throw on jeans, a t-shirt and hoodie and I’m pretty much ready for my day!  I also like that it is really quiet in the office as there are not many people in.  My day seemed to go fairly quickly as I was working on something I don’t normally do so learned a lot today!  I then came home and decided that it was a nice evening to spend time in the garden.  I have decided to extend the veg patch and am currently working my way along and getting rid of grass, weeds and brambles before turning the soil.  I was in bed by 11:45pm!

  • Saturday 11/05/19

Today I woke up around 8:30am, came downstairs and made a coffee before letting Roxy out to investigate the garden.  I still wasn’t feeling too good from Wednesday, a bit dizzy and light headed and had a bit of a headache so Roxy and I went back to bed with my book and coffee.  We fell back asleep and woke around 3:30pm.  We got up, I had a coffee and have been sat reading blogs and catching up with some things that I have needed to do on my blog!

What has your week been like?  Let me know what you have been up to in the comments!!!

Weekly Roundup 28/04/19 – 04/05/19

Weekly Roundup(1)

I am going to be adding a “Weekly Roundup” post to my blog which will go live on a Sunday.  I have been wanting to do something like this for a while now as I always do things that I’d like to share but don’t really warrant a full blog post so, what better way to share than with a weekly roundup post?  These posts will share things that I do in the week from a Sunday to Saturday and I’m hoping to share with you the little things I do on a day to day basis!  I hope you will enjoy this new addition to the blog!

Weekly Round Up 28/04/19 – 04/05/19

  • Sunday 28th April

I had a decorating day and spent the day cleaning my bedroom and painting it purple!  You can see more from my painting day here which I blogged about as part of the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge!

  • Monday 29th April

I worked in the day then came home and watched Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge on Netflix with my friend.  It was a lovely evening after a long day in work.  I even managed to have an earlyish night!

  • Tuesday 30th April

Worked again today and I learned how to process some different types of payment which was good.  I left work early (around 4.45pm) and came home.  I worked on some bits for my blog – blog posts and a few ideas.

  • Wednesday 1st May

I have been thinking about painting the coving in my bedroom an antique gold colour…it has been painted purple at the moment as I painted it when I decorated, but think it would look so much better gold.  I worked and then came home and cooked a Quorn fillet thing which had tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms in it.  My friend came round and we had it for tea with pasta!  It was really tasty!  We started watching the Blue Planet on Netflix but didn’t get around to finishing watching it so have saved it for next time.

  • Thursday 2nd May

Woke up feeling super tired but managed to get to work on time (which was a miracle as I’d only woken up 45 mins before I had to be there…)  My day went fairly quickly and I managed to get more done than I had anticipated.  I came home and went to bed with Roxy for a little lie down and slept until 7:30pm.  I got up and felt really groggy so Roxy and I chilled and watched Gossip Girl on Netflix and read a few blog posts before going back to sleep!

  • Friday 3rd May

I had today off on annual leave and helped my friend to fill in some forms about importing a van to the UK.  I thought we would only need one form but it turns out we need a few other forms to be filled in as well.  It’s a lot more complicated than I was hoping.  I went out for lunch – Subway and had some food, then came home and filled in some more info on the forms before looking into what else was needed.  I worked on a few ideas I have for the blog and some graphic work as well.  I also hoovered the house and tidied a few things up as Mum and Dad are visiting (hopefully) tomorrow!  I saw my neighbour, she called round with some recipe books that I let her borrow and we have made plans to go to the cinema next week to see Avengers Endgame which we are both really excited to see after we went to see Captain Marvel last month!

  • Saturday 4th May

I woke up early on Saturday, worked on my blog for much of the morning before cleaning the house.  I ran the hoover around, cleaned the bathroom and did some washing.  I then had a shower.  Mum and Dad came up in the afternoon, Dad had bought a metal detector and I said he could use it in my garden.  Dad and I had a fun hour or so digging up things (mostly rusty old nails!) while Mum pruned back the dead parts of my hydrangea and gooseberry bush ready for planting,  After we had been in the garden for a bit we decided it was getting a bit cold so we all came back indoors.  I then helped Mum and Dad to hang 2 mirrors for me – one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom.  After they had gone I spent the afternoon having a full clean of my bedroom and re-arranging things.  I worked on my blog for a bit longer before deciding to have an early night.