Weekly Roundup 04/08/19 – 10/08/19


  • Reading

I finished reading Lisa Jewell’s The Girls early in the week and have now started a book called The Friend by Teresa Driscoll which I had downloaded to my Kindle a while ago and had forgotten about!  So far I am really enjoying it and am about 1/3 of the way through!  I also received August’s edition of Blogosphere Magazine which I have been dipping into over the past week.

  • Watching

I have been watching a series on Netflix called Safe which I have just finished!  I am now watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  I have recently rediscovered my love for “Four in a Bed” and have been watching that occasionally in the evening.

  • Listening to

There is a playlist on Spotify called 90’s Indie by Filtr UK which has got so many brilliant tracks on it which I have been listening to this week!

  • Eating

This week I have been enjoying salads and sandwiches at lunchtimes and overnight oats with fruit for breakfast but with the weather changing, I have also enjoyed a couple of bowls of pasta with mixed vegetables and nooch (nutritional yeast flakes) on top of an evening.

  • Drinking

I’ve been drinking lots of water this week though sometimes I feel like making it more interesting.  I have been adding Apple and Mango squash or Twinings Cold Infuse tea bags to my water.  I have also been enjoying Tetley Vanilla Redbush tea.

  • Doing

I have been spending a lot of my time, (when not working), researching and reading up about my new project.  I have also been setting up a new website to showcase my ideas (more details will be revealed soon!!!).  I have also been playing around with my bullet journal and blog schedule for the next few months.

  • Feeling

I’ve been having weird headaches on and off for the first part of the week, I couldn’t decide if they were because of my sinuses, hayfever, air pressure or if it wasn’t a real headache and was caused by toothache.  I eventually found the cause…I had given up all sugars (except natural sugars) which was a massive chunk to just ditch in one go.  My body went into withdrawal and the headaches were caused by that.  I have since re-introduced some sugars into my diet and am going to wean myself off the sugars slowly rather than do it in one go.  Other than the headaches, I have been feeling pretty good, a lot of my plans and ideas are falling into place which has been a relief and also really exciting!  I have been able to have a few early nights too which has helped me to feel calm and rested the next day.

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  I’d love to hear in the comments!


Weekly Roundup 28/07/19 – 03/08/19


I’ve decided to change the format of my weekly roundup and instead of sharing a day to day break down of my week I am going to be sharing what I have done and enjoyed in the week in a different format!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the changes I have made so let me know what you think of the “New and Improved” Weekly Roundup segment in the comments!

This week I have been

  • Reading

I have recently started to read a book called “The Girls” by Lisa Jewell which I got given by a friend after I said how much I had enjoyed a few of Lisa’s other books.  This book is proving to be a really good read so far and has kept me interested since the first page!

  • Watching

I finished watching My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix and was skimming through the suggestions that Netflix offers you after you have watched something and found a series called “You” which sounded interesting.  There are some familiar faces in it – Joe Goldberg, the main character is played by Penn Badgley who was in Gossip Girl (Dan Humphrey) and Peach Sallinger, played by Pretty Little Liars actor Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields in PLL).  I’m a few episodes in so far and it is pretty creepy but gripping!  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • Listening to

The Cure – Wild Mood Swings I only really listen to CD’s and music when I’m driving and was getting a bit fed up of the CD which I had been listening to.  I dug out my favourite Cure CD and have been listening to that on my drive to and from work and when I am running errands!

  • Eating

I have been making a conscious effort to improve what I eat and this week I have been enjoying vegetable pasta, salads and veggie rice.  I have also been eating overnight oats for breakfast (made with water) and mix in dried fruits and seeds (sultanas, apricots, sunflower and pumpkin seeds).

  • Drinking

I’ve been enjoying breakfast smoothies this week.  I have had them for breakfast on alternate days instead of overnight oats!  I have also been drinking a lot of green tea!  I picked up a tin of Tea Rebels IdealiTea in TKMaxx, which is made from sencha green tea, raisins, rosebuds, sunflower petals and wild mallow flower, it has been the perfect evening drink!

  • Doing

I worked 4 days this week after having Monday off.  I hadn’t slept on Sunday night due to a car or shop alarm going off and keeping me awake and spent Monday being really lazy and sleeping.  I have been working on my blog pretty much every day and have a few new things in the pipeline!  I have been working on an idea for a business that is becoming more and more likely to go ahead and go live soon!  I have also spent time working on my bullet journal for 2020 – all the things that I want and need to include while wondering whether to have a full year in one bullet journal or split it all between 2.

  • Feeling

The start of the week I was super tired and because I slept a lot during Monday I wasn’t tired in the night which made me worry about how drained I would be for work the following day but it wasn’t too bad.  Mostly I have been feeling ok, I did feel a bit frustrated and annoyed with myself as I lacked motivation for the first part of the week though I think that was because I was still a bit tired from Sunday night.  I seem to have picked up now and am looking forward to seeing how my ideas pan out!  The week has felt long and drawn out but overall it has been a good one!

What have you been doing this week?

Weekly Roundup 21/07/19 – 27/07/19


  • Sunday 21/07/19

I woke early, my room was too hot to lay around in so I got up, made a coffee and had some breakfast while watching an episode of “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” on Netflix.  I then decided to have a shower and then do a tip run before going to my local B&Q (D.I.Y store).  I had just finished loading up the car and was about to get in and head off when my friend pulled up as he had come to help me as a surprise!  We went to the tip and emptied my car of rubbish then we headed to town.  I bought some wood to cover some of the slats on my bed then we headed to another shop called What? which sells all sorts of things.  I wanted a bag to put my winter duvet in, one of those that you can use the hoover to shrink down, I also picked up some Rose Incense by my favorite brand.  We came home and sorted the bed out then decided to go and get some food.  We came home and I planted out some plants, mopped the floors and then we just sat and relaxed for a bit.  By 7:00pm we were all tired (Roxy included) so my friend headed home, I made lunch for work then went to bed.

  • Monday 22/07/19

Work went ok today, I seemed to get a lot done and managed to clear my desk of all the outstanding paperwork that needed my attention.  After work, I came home and got changed.  My parents and both my brothers came over around 6:45pm for dinner.  We had arranged to have a take-away as my brother was down from London for a few days.  We all went out and walked to the take-away, we had opted to have an Indian meal.  We made our orders and while we were waiting decided to go for a walk around my neighborhood.  We picked up the food and came back to my house.  We had a fab evening full of laughs and conversation and a few beers were drunk too!  It was a  bit of a late-night but thoroughly enjoyable, I can’t remember when it was last just the 5 of us.

  • Tuesday 23/07/19

Today was an ok day work-wise but it was really hot and humid and I struggled to concentrate.  I left work at 4:40pm and got home not long after.  I popped to see my neighbor who had a parcel for me and we ended up sitting in her garden drinking iced lime and mint squash and having a lovely catch up.  My friend text and said they were going to pop by after work.  I left my neighbor’s and came back to my house.  My friend came over and we sat and watched a film while eating icecream.  After they left Roxy and I headed to bed.  Not long after we had settled down a storm started, there were a few rumbles of thunder, then the lightning started, the wind picked up and it started to rain.  I decided to come downstairs and open the back door and watch it for a bit.  The rain got really heavy but cooled down the air.  The storm went on for a few hours but I’d gone back to bed and was asleep by the time it had stopped.

  • Wednesday 24/07/19

Today was another short day, by 4:15pm I had finished all that I needed to do for the day so packed up and headed home.  It had been another hot and sticky day so I had a cool shower and then pottered around for a bit.  My friend called by when they had finished work and we had some food while watching something on Netflix.  After they had gone home I worked on some blog things before heading to bed.

  • Thursday 25/07/19

Another workday and the first part of the day seemed to go ok.  I had a bit of a down afternoon when it transpired that my colleagues had been invited to something by my line manager (outside of the office thing) but no one had invited me.  I just felt really isolated and sad.  I had a parcel to pick up from the sorting office so left work early which was probably a good thing as I really didn’t feel like being around anyone in work for much longer.  I collected my parcel and came home then went to bed.  I slept for a while before my friend called round to see if I was ok.  We spent the evening chatting and watching a film which made me feel a bit better about the whole work thing.  I worked on some blog things after they went home and had an early night.

  • Friday 26/07/19

I was still feeling miserable and upset from work yesterday and decided to just go to work, get my work done and come home again once the day was over.  I wound up working until just gone 5:00pm when my friend came to meet me.  We walked over to the car park together and had a really nice chat.  I headed home and got back around 6:00pm.  I did some housework and then did some blog things before my other friend called round.  We had a nice evening catching up over a few beers.  I didn’t get to bed until the early hours of the morning!

  • Saturday 27/07/19

Today I woke early and had a coffee before going shopping with my ex, he wanted a suit for a wedding he would be going to the following weekend and wanted an honest opinion and help with finding the right one.  We ended up going to Next and looking at suits in there.  I was pretty amazed at all the different types of fit from super skinny through to traditionally styled suits.  It was all a bit complicated.  He wanted to get a jacket, trousers, waistcoat, tie, and shirt.  We found a jacket pretty much straight away but then had to find trousers that matched, sounds easy but there were so many different black trousers and some of them were in a different fabric so didn’t fully match.  Eventually, he settled on a pair then chose a waistcoat, several shirts were tried on until we found one that fit but they didn’t have the size in stock in the fabric that he wanted so had to go and try on a few other shirts.  He found another style that fit and it came with a tie so that was all good!  We came back to my house and had a coffee before going out into the garden.  My lawn had grown a fair bit so my ex got the mower out and blitzed the lawn for me.  After he left Roxy and I decided that we should have a nap so went for a lie-down.  Once we woke up, around 2.5 hours later, we came down and I had a coffee, made some food and then decided to rethink my bed.  The pallets were placed in a way that made it awkward to move around and I figured that I could possibly use just 2 instead of the 4 that I had been using.  I had to move everything around in my room but I managed to get it all done and now my bed base is a lot better to get around!  Since then I have been working on my blog schedule for August and sorting out some housework.

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  Let me know in the comments!


Weekly Roundup 14/07/19 – 20/07/19


  • Sunday 14/07/19

I woke really early this morning, put some washing on and had a coffee.  I then had a shower and went to my friend’s house and picked up some laundry (they currently don’t have a washing machine and usually do all their washing in work), came home and emptied the washing machine of my wash before loading it up with theirs.  I then worked on my blog for a bit before my other friend popped by.  We went out for late lunch to a local pub then came back here.  My friend needed to do some things for work on the computer so I left them to it and went into the garden.  I potted up some peas and bean (a bit late I know, but I’ve been told by a reliable source that they should still grow!).  After I’d done that and my friend had finished work we sat and watched a film together.

  • Monday 15/07/19

Worked today though nothing much happened really, it was just a normal day! I finished at 4:00pm and popped to see my friend for an hour then came back home.  My other friend called in after they had finished work and we watched a film and chatted.  It was a really nice evening.  After they had gone I did a few blog-related things then had an early night!  I was shattered!

  • Tuesday 16/07/19

Worked until 6:00pm today as I had a few things that I wanted to finish and get off of my desk for the following day.  My friend came over and we had some food and watched a bit of tv before they headed home.  I called my Mum and Dad who are on holiday in Cornwall and it sounded like they were having a lovely break!

  • Wednesday 17/07/19

Another workday, and aside from it being a bit too noisy for my liking it felt like the day went quick!  I came home and made a coffee but fell asleep on the sofa before I could drink it.  I woke around 8:30pm.  Once I woke I played around on Canva for a bit before heading to bed with Roxy.  I don’t know why but I felt really lacking in motivation and energy today.

  • Thursday 18/07/19

Work today was a bit better noise-wise, we had a team meeting about annual leave and volume of work that needs to be done which seemed to change the team dynamics a bit.  I finished at 5:00pm and headed home.  My friend came by for the evening which was filled with food, laughs and films before they went back.  I managed to have another early night!

  • Friday 19/07/19

Dress down Friday in work today!  I love dress down Fridays!  It rained pretty much all day today which was good as my lawn and plants really needed to be watered!  I had a half-day so clocked off at 12:05pm and headed to town to do some food shopping.  Once that was done and the car loaded up I then called into Tkmaxx for a look around before heading to Pets At Home which had a sale on fish tanks.  The tank I have been eyeing up for aaaaaggggggeeeeesss was in the sale but was still a bit too expensive to buy (I may ask for it as a Birthday present though…).  I got home and unpacked my shopping and put it away.  I hate putting the shopping away, it seems to take forever!  Once that was done I sat and worked on some blog bits along with a few other ideas that I have!  I had a few beers and then went to bed.

  • Saturday 20/07/19

I slept in way too long, waking at 12:55pm.  I got up and had a coffee, half-watched something on tv while catching up on blog posts and deciding what I was going to do for the day.  I decided to nip to town to get a few things after getting changed.  Once home I decided to have a swap around of some furniture, one thing led to another and I ended up moving things around in my dining room, living room and bedroom.  The house was a state as I had to empty off shelving and move it, clean the shelves and put things back on them, moved some books, finally moved the pallets that I had been given from the living room, dismantled my old bed, made my pallet bed, moved some more things around and now everywhere needs a good hoover!  I also need to do a few tip runs but there is always tomorrow right?  Now it is 11:45pm and I have a nice bottle of wine chilling in the fridge that I am going to break into and treat myself to a glass of!


What have you been up to this week?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

Weekly Roundup 07/07/19 – 13/07/19


  • Sunday 07/07/19

Today I woke to my phone ringing, my ex was in town and wanted to pop by after he had finished shopping.  I got up and got dressed, by that time he was just pulling up outside the house.  We spent much of the day mowing the lawn it was super long and I thought I may have needed to borrow a strimmer to tackle it but the mower worked really well, though we did need to keep stopping and starting as the mower is old and we didn’t want to burn the motor out.  Once that was done it was late afternoon, my ex headed home and I went for a shower, put my pjs on and watched a bit of My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix before heading to bed.  Fresh air and gardening really wiped me out and I was asleep by 10:00pm!

  • Monday 08/07/19

Today was a quiet day in work as we had finalized all the work for the months’ payment.  I was able to make a start on next months’ payment so that was good.  I finished work at 4:00pm (thank you flexi-time!) as my back was hurting from gardening on Sunday and I was starting to feel really achy from sitting at my desk all day.  I got home and changed and did some gentle stretching exercises that helped a bit.  Later, my friend called in and we finished watching About Time.  We then started watching Book of Life as part of our A-Z film challenge!

  • Tuesday 09/07/19

Not much happened in work today, it was really warm and I found it hard to cool down.  even with the fans on and windows open there didn’t seem to be much air but I suppose that is one of the joys of working in an open plan office.  I had a really bad headache so decided to head home at 4:30pm, had a nap until nearly 8:00pm.  I got up and worked on some blog things with Roxy overlooking what I was up to! I didn’t get back into bed until gone midnight as I really wasn’t particularly tired after my nap.

  • Wednesday 10/07/19

Today more of the screens were open for payment processing which meant more of a variety of things to process which made the day go much quicker!  I left work at 5:00pm and my friend came over.  We finished watching the Book of Life and I chose a film for C.  I chose Chappie which is about AI and robots and how one of the robots is able to develop a consciousness.  We started watching it and decided to finish it the following day as we were both a bit tired.  After my friend left, Roxy and I headed to bed.

  • Thursday 11/07/19

Today was spent processing and filing paperwork, the day went pretty quick and I seemed to get a lot accomplished.  I worked through until 6:00pm as I had a few things I wanted to complete for the following day.  I always like working after 5:00pm as the office is always quiet, most people leave between 4:00pm and 5:00pm, and I find that the systems speed up and I can get lots of things done.  I came home and my friend headed over.  We went shopping and chose pizza and potato wedges for tea.  After cooking we sat down and finished watching Chappie on Netflix.  It was my friends turn to choose the next film, the letter D, and they settled on Dumplin’ which has Jennifer Aniston in it.  We had a good, chilled out evening with lovely food.

  • Friday 12/07/19

I love Friday’s at work!  Not only for the promise of a few days off over the weekend to recharge and unwind but because Fridays in work are dress down days!  And dress down days for me mean a little bit more of a lie in as clothing for dress down days require less thinking about and less prep work with the overall look!  I decided to wear my acid wash cropped jeans and a white shirt with my favorite flat Moshulu shoes and felt like an art student again!  Work went really smooth, if not a bit too noisy for my liking and by the end of the day I was feeling pretty tired.  I got home not long after 6:00pm, had a coffee and went to start some blog work but felt really tired and drained.  I asked Roxy if she wanted to go to sleep for a bit, she charged upstairs and settled onto the bed so I joined her.  I planned on sleeping for an hour or so but woke 3 hours later.  I got up and worked on some graphics for my blog before getting back into bed at 12:20am.

  • Saturday 13/07/19

I’ve spent much of the day asleep, waking after 2:00pm in the afternoon.  I’ve not felt like doing much today and have spent much of it curled up on the sofa with Roxy just reading blogs and watching My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  I have had a headache which I was aware of not long after waking, these seem to be becoming more frequent and I’m not sure whether they are air pressure related or something else.  I’ve also spent time worrying about the amount of sleep I have had this last few days, though I’ve not come to any sort of conclusion.  Maybe I should go and see the dr to get checked out?  I’m still feeling tired and worn out in general but I don’t want to go to bed too early so, for now, I’m just trying to keep myself awake for a while.

Weekly Roundup 30/06/19 – 06/07/19

copy of weekly round up blog

  • Sunday 30/06/19

I woke this morning and just didn’t feel right, I felt a bit down and sad for no apparent reason.  That feeling lasted much of the day and I didn’t feel like doing anything.  I spent much of the day watching things on Netflix, reading and cuddling with Roxy.  In the evening I watched The Cure live at Glastonbury on the tv.

  • Monday 01/07/19

Thankfully, the feelings I had yesterday had gone by this morning and I woke looking forward to the day.  Today was the first day of my Mediation course, the course is run through work and will be for 3 days.  I had a really good day on the course and have learned so much already!  My friend came over after work and we had some food, watched a film and then, after they went home I went to bed.

  • Tuesday 02/07/19

Day 2 of the Mediation course and I learned so many skills that will be useful in everyday situations and not just when called upon to be a mediator.  The day went really quick and by the time training was over I was pretty much fit for home!  I stayed in work until 4:00pm then headed home (thank goodness for flexi hours!).  My friend popped in after work and we had a lovely evening chatting and watching tv.  I spent some time, later, working on some graphics for my blog before heading to bed with Roxy.

  • Wednesday 03/07/19

Today was the last day of the course and it flew by.  We finished early (around 2:30pm) and I headed back down to my office, it was an afternoon of completing work for payment and there were things that needed to be finished in order to be on schedule.  After work, I came home, did some housework then decided to work on some blog ideas and catch up on some blog reading.  I had a pretty chilled evening.

  • Thursday 04/07/19

Work was fairly quiet today as all work had been done for payment.  I spent much of the day sorting paperwork and tidying up loose ends.  When the work day was over I headed home and my friend came over for dinner.  We have decided to watch films in alphabetic order, starting with A and working our way to Z, each taking an alternate letter.  I started with A and chose to watch About Time which neither of us had seen.  It was really good, though we have not finished watching it (its around 2 hours long) and both of us were tired from work.  We decided to finish watching it next time.

  • Friday 05/07/19

Today dragged and I was glad to see 5:00pm approach!  I headed home, did some tidying in the house and then settled down with my blog for a bit.  My friend called and invited me up to their house so I got a few things together and headed over with Roxy.  We had some food and caught up on what had been happening in our lives.  It was a really good evening.

  • Saturday 06/07/19

Today I woke early, the sunlight was blazing into my room and I decided to start my day with a coffee.  I sat and read some blogs and then some news articles.  I had a call from my Mum, she invited me down for coffee and cake in the afternoon.  It was still early morning and I had hours till I needed to get ready to go out.  I took my book back up to bed and was planning on reading but ended up falling asleep until I was woken by my Mum saying that they were home (around 3:30pm).  I can’t believe that I spent so much time sleeping!  I went down to my parent’s house and spent a few hours with them both before coming home.  It was nice to see them both.  It was my Mums last day in work on Friday, my dad’s last day was the week before, both have retired now!  They are off on holiday for a few weeks so I won’t see them for a while.  When I got home I arranged some flowers that my Mum had given me and have spent the evening watching films (Bridesmaids and It’s Complicated) on Netflix.

Overall I have had a good week, I don’t feel that I have been that productive but I have learned a lot this week which has felt really good.  I can now add mediator to my C.V and that is a really useful skill to have!

What have you been up to this past week?  Let me know in the comments!

Weekly Roundup 23/06/19 – 29/06/19

copy of on the blog

  • Sunday 23/06/19

It rained for much of the day so I spent some time working on my blog and figuring out the schedule for July.  My Mum and Dad phoned me to see if I wanted to go down to theirs for a bit, they would pick me up on their way home from the tip which isn’t too far from my house.  I got picked up around 3:20pm and when we got to my parents I had a cup of tea and some banana cake that my Mum had baked.  I got home around 7:00pm and read some of my book for a bit then watched a film on Netflix.

  • Monday 24/06/19

Had a day off on Annual Leave today so spent the morning working on my blog and watching films on Netflix.  The weather was hot and damp and quite horrid and humid and stayed that way much of the day.  In the afternoon my neighbor popped around for a chat, it had been her Birthday last week and I had some presents here for her.  We had a lovely catch up, she had been to London over the weekend so we had a lot to catch up with!  I had a delivery of things from Hobbycraft for flatlays and I’m super excited to start working on some photography ideas that I have!

  • Tuesday 25/06/19

Work today.  It was another wet day but felt cooler than yesterday.  I found out that I had been accepted for the Mediator position and that training starts on Monday, lasting for 3 days.  I’m quite excited to see what the training will be like and be able to learn new skills.  Work passed pretty quickly, but, in the afternoon I started feeling a bit sick and hot.  I thought it may just be the weather but I seemed to feel worse as time went on.  I left work at 4:00pm. I got home and had a glass of cold water but was still feeling hot and a bit wobbly on my feet so went for a lie down for a bit.  Roxy sensed that I wasn’t feeling good and came and lay with me.  I managed to sleep for a few hours but woke feeling the same.  I got up and came downstairs and decided to paint some wooden letters that I had bought and watched something on Netflix to take my mind off the sick feeling.

  • Wednesday 26/06/19

Woke up feeling really ill so I phoned work and let them know I wouldn’t be in.  I spent much of the day sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, reading some blogs that I follow and having cuddles with Roxy.  I had a sleep in the afternoon for a few hours as I felt really worn out.  My friend called by in the evening to see how I was feeling, we watched some things on the i-player/Netflix before he went home.  I keep going hot and cold all the time but the sick feeling is starting to subside which is a good thing as I really hate feeling sick.  I sat and played around with a few ideas on Canva before heading to bed.

  • Thursday 27/06/19

I’m still not feeling right and had a night of sweating and being over hot to being freezing cold.  I didn’t sleep too well because of this and am still feeling rough now.  I called into work and let them know that I wouldn’t be in again today.  It is really sunny today and I wish I was feeling well enough to go out into the garden to do some things out there but I really can’t face it.  I have spent the day working on my blog schedule and a few ideas that I have for future posts.

  • Friday 28/06/19

Today was spent working on some photography ideas, updating my CV and some other admin things that needed to be done.  Once I had got all of that out of the way I spent the afternoon catching up on blogs, reading and doing some housework.  It was a very chilled out and mellow kind of day which was nice.

  • Saturday 29/06/19

Today I woke late and decided that I would just work on some blog ideas.  the day was super hot which scuppered my plans to do things in the garden, though I did head out around 3:30pm and do some weeding.  It was too hot for Roxy and me though and we were soon back indoors where it was cooler.  We spent the afternoon in the house with the fan on watching films on Netflix and working on some blog things.

What have you been up to this past week?  Let me know in the comments!

Weekly Roundup 16/06/19 – 22/06/19

weekly roundup 120519 - 180519

  • Sunday 16/06/19

I woke early to cuddles and kisses from my niece and nephew which was a lovely start to the day!  It was fairly grey and miserable morning and I spent the morning coloring and drawing with my nephew while my niece helped my brother and sister in law do cooking in the kitchen.  We had lunch and, as the weather was starting to improve, we all decided to go out for the afternoon.  My brother drove us all to William Morris’ Red House.  We had a lovely time walking around the house and looking at the gardens which were full of beautiful flowers and plants.  In the evening my brother and I went for a walk and phoned our Dad to wish him a Happy Fathers Day.  Once we returned to the house, my brother, sister in law and I played a few board games after the kids had gone to bed.

  • Monday 17/06/19

We woke early, my sister in law had to go to work and my niece and nephew had school.  We had breakfast, showered and got ready for the day.  My brother and I walked my niece and nephew to school and returned to the house.  We had a coffee and I sorted out my things as I had to catch the coach home later in the day.  We headed out, taking my luggage with me, and headed to the Tate Britain.  I checked my luggage into the baggage point and we went on a journey through time looking at art through the years.  Once we had been “arted out” we went for a walk and stopped off at a park for lunch before making our way back towards Victoria Station.  On the way, we passed Westminster Catherderal, my brother had his graduation ceremony there years ago and we decided to have a look around, it was amazing to see, and so beautiful.  After looking around we got to Victoria Station, I had a while to wait for my coach so my brother left me as he needed to get home to pick the kids up from school.  The coach was delayed by 45 minutes but I was quite happy to sit and read my book and drink the Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino which I’d treated myself to.  I arrived home around 9:30pm and Roxy was so excited to see me!

  • Tuesday 18/06/19

I had the day off from work and slept in til 11:40am, I was soo tired!  It’s surprising just how much traveling can wear you out!  I spent some time browsing the internet getting some ideas for flatlay props…the workshop at the Bloggers Bash has really ignited something creative in me.  I think I now have an idea of what sort of things I want in my flatlay props kit and where I want to head with my blog and social media photography.  It will be nice to get back into taking photos and using the knowledge I have, as well as putting to use skills that I learned from my photography degree!  I went to my parents in the evening to collect my car which Dad had serviced and cleaned for me.

  • Wednesday 19/06/19

I worked late today, until nearly 6:00pm as I had a load of paperwork to sort through.  Work was really draining, it was really noisy and hard to concentrate which really affected my mood.  I got home from work and just locked myself away in the silence which made things a little better.  I had an early night as I really didn’t want to do much else.

  • Thursday 20/06/19

I woke early, partly because of my early night, but also because a cat and a crow were staging a street fight by my house, I think the crow won as the cat made a yowl and ran off.  I couldn’t see the crow but he made a heck of a racket after the cat had gone.  I decided to get up and start my day at 5:30am!  I had a shower, made lunch and breakfast, had a coffee and caught up on some blog things.  I headed into work and got on with all the things I needed to do and managed to get everything done and my desk cleared by 5:15pm.  I got home and played with Roxy, did some housework and then headed to bed.

  • Friday 21/06/19

My car is running weird, I thought it could have a bit of air in the system where my Dad had done a full oil change.  I drove it to the fuel station and put some fuel in it, and then, driving to work, the engine management light started flashing.  Once I’d arrived at work and parked I phoned my Dad who said that my wiring loom was starting to break down and that could be the cause.  I headed into the office and worked until 3:00pm before heading to my parents (via B&M Bargains for a few things) as Dad said he would look at it for me.  Dad dropped me off after he got back from work and later my friend came over, we are watching Killing Eve (the second series).  I treated myself to a bottle of wine from the Co-Op (I had a 40p off voucher to use) and we had cheese and chips from the local takeaway.

  • Saturday 22/06/19

I think I have an allergy to wine…my head was really achy this morning and my mouth was drier than a desert.  It has taken me much of the day to start feeling more human.  One of my friends popped by earlier which was nice, we had a good catch up over a few cups of (much needed) coffee.  I put the hoover around and did a load of washing but much of the day has been spent not doing anything much.

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  I’d love to hear so leave me a comment!

Weekly Roundup 09/06/19 – 15/06/19

  • Sunday 09/06/19

It was one of those really lazy days today. I woke late and eased myself into the day with a coffee. I sat and worked on some blog posts for much of the day, in between getting 2 loads of washing done and some cleaning and tidying. My friend surprised me with a visit in the early evening which was nice. We sat and watched some things on Netflix and chatted. Roxy got spoiled as always with lots of cuddles and treats!

  • Monday 10/06/19

Work seemed to zoom by! I spent much of the day collating statements ready to send out to our payees and I still have more to finish tomorrow before they go in the post. After work I headed home, my friend came over for food. We didn’t do much but it was nice to sit and watch tv. After my friend had gone home, I prepared my lunch for the following day and headed to bed to read for a bit with Roxy.

  • Tuesday 11/06/19

Finished collating the statements in work and got them all into the post today, I then worked on a pile of stuff for payment next month. It’s weird doing a payments job sometimes, I always seem to forget which month we are in, I process pay that is based on things from the previous month to be paid for the following so never really “live” in the present month. Right now we are processing items that happened in May for pay in July. No wonder I can’t keep track of the days or months at times!

  • Wednesday 12/06/19

I worked today but got to leave at 3 because I had built up enough flexi-time! I got home and packed Roxy’s things as she is going to stay with her hooman Daddy while I am away in London. He came to collect her when I got home from work. Spent the evening sorting out what I wanted to take with me to London for my trip and starting to pack my things! It was really odd not having Roxy at home with me.

  • Thursday 13/06/19

Had work again today which went by without anything interesting happening! After work I had to drop my car down to my parent’s house, my Dad is going to give it a service while I’m away. My friend followed me down to Mum and Dads to be able to give me a lift home, we had a lovely evening with them, had a nice catch-up and a cup of tea before heading back. I finished packing and had a shower and went to bed once I’d got in.

  • Friday 14/06/19

Up early this morning, 4:30am, as my friend was sticking me up at 5:30am to take me to the bus stop for my bus to London. It rained a lot in the night which kept waking me up but, weirdly, I don’t feel too tired at the moment!  Got to my brothers at around 11:00 and had a cup of coffee, lunch and then went for a walk.  We came back to his house and chilled for a bit before going to collect my niece and nephew from school.  We came back and played with the kids before my sister in law came home from work.  My brother cooked us dinner and then we went for another walk and a visit to the local pub rounded off the night.

  • Saturday 15/06/19

Woke up from a lovely sleep and had a shower before we all sat and had breakfast of banana pancakes!  We got dressed, my brother and I got ready to head to Westminster.  We got the train from Lewisham to Victoria and then walked to the Grange Wellington Hotel for the 5th Bloggers Bash!  We had a really lovely day and learned a lot, it was really interesting to listen to all of the speakers and their experiences.  We also had a flat lay workshop that was brilliant!  We headed back to Victoria and back to the house.  Feeling tired now!