Weekly Roundup 06/10/19 – 12/10/19

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  • Reading

I picked up a new book earlier this week and have started to read it, it’s called Who Is Tom Ditto by Danny Wallace and is about a guy called Tom and the disappearance of his girlfriend.  I have only read the first few pages but it is pretty good so far!

  • Watching

I’ve been getting back into watching Eastenders this week.  I used to watch the soap regularly but have got out of the habit of watching it over the past year.  I always love their Christmas disaster and wanted to start watching it again so I get to know what is happening and witness the build-up before the event!

  • Listening to

I’ve been listening to Fearne Cotton’s podcast – The Happy Place which has been really lovely to listen to while in work, I thoroughly recommend listening to the Ruby Wax one, it was brilliant!

  • Eating

I’ve been eating a lot of tinned tomatoes this week in different ways, from making a sauce to have with pasta to having them on toast hot, I love heating them up and adding a dash of balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt – perfect for these cold evenings!

  • Drinking

Water has been my go-to beverage this week and I have easily drunk my recommended 2 litres a day.  In work we have a machine that cools the water before dispensing it, the water is filtered too and it has been just the right temperature and has tasted so good, not that the water ever tastes particularly bad where I live or anything, but it is something I have really noticed this week.

  • Doing

Aside from blogging, I don’t really feel like I have been doing much outside of my 9-5 job.  I did get some washing done and a couple of other things that I wanted to do, but not really anything that significant.  I did spend the first half of Saturday with my Mum.  I went to my parent’s house for breakfast, saw my Mum, Dad and brother who was down from London, then Mum and I went to have a look around town for some jumpers and a present for my Birthday.

  • Feeling

I’ve been feeling a bit all over the place this week and have gone through all of the emotions from being happy, sad, annoyed, fed-up, tired, and all the in-betweens.  I am not really looking forward to being a year older, my job is making me feel miserable and I have so many things I want to do but that seems so impossible to achieve at times.  I know everything needs baby steps and doing little and often will help me to achieve my goals but sometimes my brain doesn’t want to think logically and gets impatient!

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 06/10/19 – 12/10/19

  1. this week has been decent for me! School started off with two rough days but then turned into two good days to end off the week which was great! No huge blow ups with my roommate. I’m trying to correct my sleeping to be able to stay up later than 9pm lol So I’m pushing myself to go until after 10 and be lights out by 10:30. Which has been going great! I still have the energy I need and stuff in school and getting up hasn’t been too much of a struggle. The only thing is that I still can’t sleep the whole night without having to get up for the bathroom. It’s so frustrating! The only thing now is that before when I was in bed by 9 or 9:30 and getting up at 3 just to fall right back asleep, now I get up at FIVE and then can’t fall back asleep. So that isn’t good. I need to work on not getting up….

    1. Glad you have had a better week! And even better that things have been ok on the roommate front! The getting up to pee thing is awful! I get up in the night to pee too and have no idea how to sort that out! Xxx

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