Blogmas – Sparkle Sunday


On Christmas Day I like to get up and have breakfast in my pyjamas then take a really long shower and pamper myself, applying a hair mask and exfoliating myself all over.  After that is done I spend time moisturising and blow-drying my hair, styling it into curls or fashioning it into a pretty updo.  I then take my time applying makeup.  I spray myself with my poshest fragrance before getting dressed.

I know this seems like a lot for Christmas day but I like to get dressed up in my most fancy clothes, often a dress and high heels as it makes the day feel even more special.  In years past I have bought new clothes for the occasion –  a black velvet dress with black sparkly heels one year, a halter neck jumpsuit with diamante detailing around the neckline with glittered silver strappy sandals, a deep red chiffon dress with black over knee boots another year.

This year I have several options, I have a few different dresses which have hardly been worn so I don’t have the pressures of looking for and purchasing something to wear.  My options so far are a purple wrap-around dress, a black dress, or a skirt and top combo or even trousers and a top.  I have no real idea of what I want to wear but I do know that I will be making an effort with what I wear for the day.

What do you wear on Christmas day?  Do you dress up?  leave me a comment and let me know!


9 thoughts on “Blogmas – Sparkle Sunday

  1. Because all the kids are running round all day, noone dresses up. We are normally in jeans because we always try to get outside after eating and play games with the kids. Normally something like hide and seek or British Bulldog. But if it does snow, we just have snow fun.

  2. You would be a human popsicle here if you dressed like that! LOL Christmas is my PJ day. If my parents have invited someone over for dinner then I will change out of my PJS, but otherwise, I wake up in my pjs, and go to sleep in my pjs!

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