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It’s another Wishing Wednesday post for Blogmas and today is all about gifts for family.

When I give gifts to people I like to give things that are meaningful and thoughtful rather than some present you can get on a 3 for 2 offer in the supermarket, especially when it comes to giving gifts to family members.

I sit down and write a list of people who I would like to buy for and then think about things that they like to do, hobbies they may have or things that interest them which seems to work really well regardless of the age of the person you are buying for.

Google can be a great help in finding options, for example, if a family member really enjoys gardening then I search for “Gifts for gardeners” or “Gardening gifts” to see what is available before heading to the shops.  I find that this approach can give you lots of ideas especially if the interests are something you have no clue about.

One of my favourite things to do is to create a hamper or gift basket of similarly themed items, I’ll take the example of gardening… I would buy some seeds, both vegetable and flower seeds, some gardening gloves, a gardening trowel, a garden-themed mug and maybe a notebook with an outdoors print (like leaves) for those all-important growers notes and package it all up in a seed tray or rubber trug.  My Mum and Dad go away a lot and the other year I put together a wash bag of goodies for my Mum to take away with her or that she could use at home during a pamper session, I put lots of travel-sized products in there (shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, deodorant) and added other things like a face mask, hand cream, body lotion and perfume for her.

Another thing you can do is speak to other family members and all chip in to get one gift or gifts along a similar theme.  My Dad loves to paint so one year I bought him a watercolour travel paint set and my brother bought him some new paintbrushes in a canvas roll.

With the littles in the family, I like to buy them something creative or that will help them learn.  I bought them watches last year that were designed for kids and helped them to learn how to tell the time, I decorated some wooden pencil cases with gems and their names on them which they could use for their favourite pencils.

I’d really love to tell you what I have got for my family this year but I don’t want to spoil their surprises!

What are you getting for your families this year?  I’d love to know so leave me a comment!

16 thoughts on “Blogmas – Wishing Wednesday

  1. Christmas and the family? Well mother in law who is 99yrs old and fircely independent has asked for a slow cooker! My eldest sister I will send a plant, my nearest sister I have bought a warm cream coloured neck cowl, like me she loves warmth, for her hubby and son I have bought a box of biscuits ( they don’t do pressies). Both my brother’s wives has decided we should not do pressies either. For our sons, a poster requested by the eldest, part payment of golf fees for the middle son he loves golf! The youngest son and his wife a years coffee subscription they love coffee. The grandchildren, the Lego film 2 with game and Nangero film and Game plus magic colouring and stencil set for the 5yrs old and for the 2+ yr old play dough and wooden fruit for his kitchen he loves to play cooking 💜. It gets harder ever year!

  2. I only shop for my family at Christmas. My dad is getting winter boots he wants (he actually sent his list with links to designs about 12 hours after I asked my mom for his shoe size! Lol) my mom is getting an ancestry DNA kit. I think they are bogus but she really wants one so 🤷‍♀️ My brother is the wild card. I just got his list late last night so now I need to sort through it. I’d LOVE to get him a 6ft toboggan that he wants but he drives me and it would NOT be a surprise lol

    1. I love the idea of the dna thing! I was listening to a few podcasts and they have said they can be really interesting! I’d love to know the outcome!!! Lol to the toboggan, that would be amazing! You could wrap it to look like a massive turkey!? Xxx

      1. I’ve had a few friends do the DNA thing and all say it’s bogus. My mom says all her friends say it’s amazing so 🤷‍♀️ I tried to find him the 6ft long toboggan and it was over $300 so NOPE! Lol we do pride ourselves on creative wrapping in my family though. My dad started it a few years ago and now it’s just kept up and gotten a little crazy sometimes lol

      2. Haha! Creative wrapping is the best! There’s a place called firebox that you can order things from and choose to have it “crap wrapped” like a kid would wrap which I always think is kind of cool! Xxx

      3. Oh fun!!! We go all out sometimes! Like my mom got my brother some snowshoes and wrapped it in garbage bags with blankets to look like a snowman, and I cut out eyes and buttons and stuff for it 😂 one year I just got him 6 vinyl records and wrapped each in a small plastic bag so I could build a cube with them and filled it with pillows so it was like a 5lb cube lol he had no idea and the had to unwrap each one individually 😅😅 oh man it was great!

  3. Family presents are a thing of the past except one sister who only wants gift cards. I did get an ornament of her favorite team, too. To Bad. I prefer gifting to Friends and Strangers.

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