Blogmas – Merry Monday


This is the first “real” post for my Blogmas series!  Merry Monday posts will be focusing on preparations for the big day itself so expect to see lots of useful lists and hints here each Monday!

Today’s first Merry Monday post kicks off with a list of things to gather before preparations can get underway!

  • Christmas cards
  • Pens
  • Mailing stamps
  • Gift wrap
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors
  • Gifts
  • Any supplies needed if making any gifts or cards
  • Packaging

In this first week of December I tend to sit down and write out lists for the following

  • Friends and family to send cards to along with addresses if needed
  • Present recipients and gifts already bought
  • Meal attendees (if cooking on the day or in the days prior or post Christmas)
  • Decorations needed
  • Other Christmas supplies needed (such as gift wrap)

By the end of the first week I aim to have all my supplies gathered and lists made ready to make a start on things in week 2!

What do you like to try and get done in the first week of December?  I’d love to hear about your preparations in the comments!

22 thoughts on “Blogmas – Merry Monday

  1. 🙂 A Merry Monday to you too, Suzanne.

    It looks as though I have inadvertently jumped on the Blogmas bandwagon because I plan on posting every day for the month of December (The traditional Blogmas usually end on Christmas Day).

    Do have yourself a wonderful week!

  2. Oh gosh I don’t do anything! 😂 I used to do Christmas cards but not anymore. I will buy gifts for my parents and brother but that’s it. So no real planning needed. I’ve ordered my moms gift, my dads arrived on Saturday, so just brother to figure out.

      1. Since then, I have ordered books for my students! They arrived and I spent this morning sorting them out and then picking one book for every child and putting a little label inside for each one that just said “to: Suzy from: Miss E Christmas 2019” lol I have to do cards for all of them now and then wrap everything.

  3. There’s not many people to buy for this year as lots of people will be away, so I won’t have too much to do. As for cards – well, I seem to get less and less each year because everyone seems to do the Facebook thing now. Will I stop sending them? Nope, especially not the ones for close family and friends.

    1. I don’t send or receive many but send to close friends and family. I keep the cards I have been given over the years and they all come out when I put the decorations up! Xxx

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