Blogtober 24th


Its the 24th of October which means it is also the twenty-fourth day of Blogtober! Today I am answering my questions based on 23rd October.

  • What made me feel enthusiastic today?

Lots of little things made me feel enthusiastic today, listening to podcasts, taking time out to practice mindfulness, spending time with friends, getting my bills paid and ticking some errands off my list.

  • What drained me of energy?

One part of my job involves checking forms on an on-screen viewer and the system we use can be pretty slow at times and the work can be a bit boring.  I found that sitting and staring at a screen for part of my day to be draining of my energy and I felt pretty lethargic afterwards.

  • What did I learn about myself today?

I learned that enthusiasm can come from the most surprising of sources and once I get enthusiastic about something I can transfer that enthusiasm on to other things.

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