Blogtober 20th


Its the 20th of October which means it is also the twentieth day of Blogtober! Today I am answering my questions based on 19th October.

  • What made me feel enthusiastic today?

Getting things done in the house and completing a few tasks that I have been putting off has made me feel enthusiastic today.  It’s been good for my headspace to finally get some things ticked off from my list that has just been dragging on for weeks.

  • What drained me of energy?

My friend came down in the afternoon and we had a little Birthday celebration including a lovely Indian dinner.  Unfortunately, my eyes were bigger than my belly and I ate too much which really drained me of energy and I was in bed by 10:30pm and fast asleep not long after!

  • What did I learn about myself today?

I learned that if I can identify why I dislike doing something and then try to identify the positives and how it will make me feel afterwards then I can get tasks done a lot easier and not put them off for so long.

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