Weekly Roundup 25/08/19 – 31/08/19


  • Reading

I’ve been a bit slow with reading my book this week, I seem to have been reading lots, just not my book.  I have been reading blogs and some interesting articles in the Lifestyle section of the Guardian along with some research material linked to my new business.

  • Watching

I feel like I’ve not really watched anything much this past week either, though I have watched a few episodes of Dr Foster on Netflix.  Also, for the first time in nearly a year, I caught an episode of Eastenders.

  • Listening to

While I may not have been reading much, I have been able to listen to a book on Audible thanks to being able to wear headphones in work.  I chose Unnatural Causes which is by and read by Dr Richard Shepheard.  While the subject is a bit morbid, it’s about death and autopsies, I found it really fascinating to listen to.  I think I made a good choice with this audiobook!

  • Drinking

While I am a massive lover of coffee, sometimes I fancy getting my caffeine fix from other places.  I saw some Monster Energy cans on offer in my local Tesco, in a flavour called “The Doctor” and fancied giving them a try.  I find that a lot of energy drinks are overly sweet and stick but these were really nice.  The taste was similar to Lilt (which I used to love).  I bought 4 cans and have 2 left in work to have when I fancy something cold.

  • Doing

I’ve been working towards getting my business ready for the launch which has meant a lot of time on the internet, researching and working on my site coupled with a lot of thinking and note-taking, testing and trying things out!  I also visited my parents last Sunday, my brother was down from London so I got to spend some time with him too, Mum cooked a lovely dinner and we had a really nice time just being together.

  • Feeling

I’m feeling pretty excited about how well all my ideas are coming together and that I am soon able to launch my business.  I am also feeling a bit nervous and have a bit of anxiety around it, worried about whether people will like what I am offering and how well I will do and whether it will succeed.  I guess I will just have to wait and see!

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  I’d love to hear in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 25/08/19 – 31/08/19

  1. I feel like I use your Sunday post to share my week instead of blogging HAHA

    This week has been BUSY for me! It was the start of the school year for the teachers, some training sessions but mostly classroom set up. I haven’t done much else. I did get a new computer on Tuesday which I still haven’t had time to set up and transfer things from my old computer to my new one lol. That’s on the schedule for this weekend. Planning lessons and the first week of school and all that jazz.

      1. It’s all done! 😁 I finished on Thursday. It looks super empty compared to the teachers on either side of me. They are like Pinterest boards lol the grade one teacher has a whole “barnyard rustic” theme for her grade one class. Next year I think I might go over the top but I’m happy with how mine looks

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