Weekly Roundup 21/07/19 – 27/07/19


  • Sunday 21/07/19

I woke early, my room was too hot to lay around in so I got up, made a coffee and had some breakfast while watching an episode of “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” on Netflix.  I then decided to have a shower and then do a tip run before going to my local B&Q (D.I.Y store).  I had just finished loading up the car and was about to get in and head off when my friend pulled up as he had come to help me as a surprise!  We went to the tip and emptied my car of rubbish then we headed to town.  I bought some wood to cover some of the slats on my bed then we headed to another shop called What? which sells all sorts of things.  I wanted a bag to put my winter duvet in, one of those that you can use the hoover to shrink down, I also picked up some Rose Incense by my favorite brand.  We came home and sorted the bed out then decided to go and get some food.  We came home and I planted out some plants, mopped the floors and then we just sat and relaxed for a bit.  By 7:00pm we were all tired (Roxy included) so my friend headed home, I made lunch for work then went to bed.

  • Monday 22/07/19

Work went ok today, I seemed to get a lot done and managed to clear my desk of all the outstanding paperwork that needed my attention.  After work, I came home and got changed.  My parents and both my brothers came over around 6:45pm for dinner.  We had arranged to have a take-away as my brother was down from London for a few days.  We all went out and walked to the take-away, we had opted to have an Indian meal.  We made our orders and while we were waiting decided to go for a walk around my neighborhood.  We picked up the food and came back to my house.  We had a fab evening full of laughs and conversation and a few beers were drunk too!  It was a  bit of a late-night but thoroughly enjoyable, I can’t remember when it was last just the 5 of us.

  • Tuesday 23/07/19

Today was an ok day work-wise but it was really hot and humid and I struggled to concentrate.  I left work at 4:40pm and got home not long after.  I popped to see my neighbor who had a parcel for me and we ended up sitting in her garden drinking iced lime and mint squash and having a lovely catch up.  My friend text and said they were going to pop by after work.  I left my neighbor’s and came back to my house.  My friend came over and we sat and watched a film while eating icecream.  After they left Roxy and I headed to bed.  Not long after we had settled down a storm started, there were a few rumbles of thunder, then the lightning started, the wind picked up and it started to rain.  I decided to come downstairs and open the back door and watch it for a bit.  The rain got really heavy but cooled down the air.  The storm went on for a few hours but I’d gone back to bed and was asleep by the time it had stopped.

  • Wednesday 24/07/19

Today was another short day, by 4:15pm I had finished all that I needed to do for the day so packed up and headed home.  It had been another hot and sticky day so I had a cool shower and then pottered around for a bit.  My friend called by when they had finished work and we had some food while watching something on Netflix.  After they had gone home I worked on some blog things before heading to bed.

  • Thursday 25/07/19

Another workday and the first part of the day seemed to go ok.  I had a bit of a down afternoon when it transpired that my colleagues had been invited to something by my line manager (outside of the office thing) but no one had invited me.  I just felt really isolated and sad.  I had a parcel to pick up from the sorting office so left work early which was probably a good thing as I really didn’t feel like being around anyone in work for much longer.  I collected my parcel and came home then went to bed.  I slept for a while before my friend called round to see if I was ok.  We spent the evening chatting and watching a film which made me feel a bit better about the whole work thing.  I worked on some blog things after they went home and had an early night.

  • Friday 26/07/19

I was still feeling miserable and upset from work yesterday and decided to just go to work, get my work done and come home again once the day was over.  I wound up working until just gone 5:00pm when my friend came to meet me.  We walked over to the car park together and had a really nice chat.  I headed home and got back around 6:00pm.  I did some housework and then did some blog things before my other friend called round.  We had a nice evening catching up over a few beers.  I didn’t get to bed until the early hours of the morning!

  • Saturday 27/07/19

Today I woke early and had a coffee before going shopping with my ex, he wanted a suit for a wedding he would be going to the following weekend and wanted an honest opinion and help with finding the right one.  We ended up going to Next and looking at suits in there.  I was pretty amazed at all the different types of fit from super skinny through to traditionally styled suits.  It was all a bit complicated.  He wanted to get a jacket, trousers, waistcoat, tie, and shirt.  We found a jacket pretty much straight away but then had to find trousers that matched, sounds easy but there were so many different black trousers and some of them were in a different fabric so didn’t fully match.  Eventually, he settled on a pair then chose a waistcoat, several shirts were tried on until we found one that fit but they didn’t have the size in stock in the fabric that he wanted so had to go and try on a few other shirts.  He found another style that fit and it came with a tie so that was all good!  We came back to my house and had a coffee before going out into the garden.  My lawn had grown a fair bit so my ex got the mower out and blitzed the lawn for me.  After he left Roxy and I decided that we should have a nap so went for a lie-down.  Once we woke up, around 2.5 hours later, we came down and I had a coffee, made some food and then decided to rethink my bed.  The pallets were placed in a way that made it awkward to move around and I figured that I could possibly use just 2 instead of the 4 that I had been using.  I had to move everything around in my room but I managed to get it all done and now my bed base is a lot better to get around!  Since then I have been working on my blog schedule for August and sorting out some housework.

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 21/07/19 – 27/07/19

  1. I moved this weekend! I will be posting about it soon.

    I think it’s so great that you and your ex are still so close that you can do all these things together. How did you manage to make that happen lol

    1. Yay! Did it go ok?

      It is great! We were together for 10 years, I think being open and honest and having respect for each other has helped. We didn’t have a nasty split or anything either and talking about everything helped lots. I class him as one of my best friends xxx

      1. It went decent lol I’ll try to make a post about it soon. I’m hoping for tomorrow.

        And that’s amazing! Any of my ex’s that we say we are going to be friends, it never works. A lot of the time it’s just too difficult for me. Like I need the time and space to get over the feelings and if I keep in contact with them, the good feelings of who they are and how well we connect just linger and that doesn’t work for me lol

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