A Look Around My Home – Kitchen

Today, I thought I would share a look around my kitchen as I have shared a look around other parts of my home previously (which you can find here) but not yet shared my kitchen at all.

Just to let you know that this post IS IMAGE HEAVY… (just to warn you in case it doesn’t load on your device…)

I’m pretty happy with this room so far but I still want to finish painting it green at some point!

What is your kitchen like?  Let me know in the comments!

18 thoughts on “A Look Around My Home – Kitchen

  1. Hi Suzi, yoir kitchen is lovely and so tidy. I’m to embarrassed to photograph mine. It is a kitchen, office and the children are constantly dumping their paper and toys. Things don’t get put back in cupboards when they should and crumbs don’t get swept up straight away. I guess it is your average busy family kitchen, it is a homely mess.
    I love your cutlery..

  2. I live that cutlery too beautiful colours. Your kitchen looks lovely and bright and clean and tidy, I like it.
    It’s taken me years to get my kitchen how I wanted it. It’s been as I always dreamed for five years now and I love it. Rounded edges, built in appliances. Olive green in colour, loads of cupboards, an island and a big dining table.💜

    1. Yours sounds beautiful!!! I’ve still got to finish painting mine! The cutlery is from Asda! And the glasses and tea caddies are too!! Xxx

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