Weekly Roundup 30/06/19 – 06/07/19

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  • Sunday 30/06/19

I woke this morning and just didn’t feel right, I felt a bit down and sad for no apparent reason.  That feeling lasted much of the day and I didn’t feel like doing anything.  I spent much of the day watching things on Netflix, reading and cuddling with Roxy.  In the evening I watched The Cure live at Glastonbury on the tv.

  • Monday 01/07/19

Thankfully, the feelings I had yesterday had gone by this morning and I woke looking forward to the day.  Today was the first day of my Mediation course, the course is run through work and will be for 3 days.  I had a really good day on the course and have learned so much already!  My friend came over after work and we had some food, watched a film and then, after they went home I went to bed.

  • Tuesday 02/07/19

Day 2 of the Mediation course and I learned so many skills that will be useful in everyday situations and not just when called upon to be a mediator.  The day went really quick and by the time training was over I was pretty much fit for home!  I stayed in work until 4:00pm then headed home (thank goodness for flexi hours!).  My friend popped in after work and we had a lovely evening chatting and watching tv.  I spent some time, later, working on some graphics for my blog before heading to bed with Roxy.

  • Wednesday 03/07/19

Today was the last day of the course and it flew by.  We finished early (around 2:30pm) and I headed back down to my office, it was an afternoon of completing work for payment and there were things that needed to be finished in order to be on schedule.  After work, I came home, did some housework then decided to work on some blog ideas and catch up on some blog reading.  I had a pretty chilled evening.

  • Thursday 04/07/19

Work was fairly quiet today as all work had been done for payment.  I spent much of the day sorting paperwork and tidying up loose ends.  When the work day was over I headed home and my friend came over for dinner.  We have decided to watch films in alphabetic order, starting with A and working our way to Z, each taking an alternate letter.  I started with A and chose to watch About Time which neither of us had seen.  It was really good, though we have not finished watching it (its around 2 hours long) and both of us were tired from work.  We decided to finish watching it next time.

  • Friday 05/07/19

Today dragged and I was glad to see 5:00pm approach!  I headed home, did some tidying in the house and then settled down with my blog for a bit.  My friend called and invited me up to their house so I got a few things together and headed over with Roxy.  We had some food and caught up on what had been happening in our lives.  It was a really good evening.

  • Saturday 06/07/19

Today I woke early, the sunlight was blazing into my room and I decided to start my day with a coffee.  I sat and read some blogs and then some news articles.  I had a call from my Mum, she invited me down for coffee and cake in the afternoon.  It was still early morning and I had hours till I needed to get ready to go out.  I took my book back up to bed and was planning on reading but ended up falling asleep until I was woken by my Mum saying that they were home (around 3:30pm).  I can’t believe that I spent so much time sleeping!  I went down to my parent’s house and spent a few hours with them both before coming home.  It was nice to see them both.  It was my Mums last day in work on Friday, my dad’s last day was the week before, both have retired now!  They are off on holiday for a few weeks so I won’t see them for a while.  When I got home I arranged some flowers that my Mum had given me and have spent the evening watching films (Bridesmaids and It’s Complicated) on Netflix.

Overall I have had a good week, I don’t feel that I have been that productive but I have learned a lot this week which has felt really good.  I can now add mediator to my C.V and that is a really useful skill to have!

What have you been up to this past week?  Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 30/06/19 – 06/07/19

  1. We think we’re not busy if every moment is not filled with activity, but the time spent working on inner peace and balance sounds like time well spent.

    1. It does! I think society makes people feel like they have to be rushing around and filling each waking moment with stuff and things that it makes people feel guilty for just doing nothing! And nothing can be so beneficial xxx

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