Weekly Roundup 02/06/19 – 08/06/19

Weekly Roundup 12_05_19 - 18_05_19

  • Sunday 02/06/19

It rained much of the morning and didn’t really cease until gone 2pm.  I used that time to sort through some blog things that had been bugging me and working on some post ideas.  In the afternoon, once the rains had stopped, I decided to do some work in the garden.  I dug up a strip of grass that was against the wall at the bottom of my garden, turned the soil and sowed some wildflower seeds.  I also decided on a location for my lavender plant and managed to get that planted out too.

  • Monday 03/06/19

Back to work today…it feels like the weekend went far too quickly!  Still, the next weekend will be here before we know it!  I was awake super early this morning and headed to work for 8am.  My day in work went ok, we are nearing the end of the payment month so have work that needs to be compelted before the deadline though I managed to clear my desk and leave at 3pm!  I came home and pottered about for a bit before my friend came over.  We went to Morrisons for some food, came home and cooked and then watched Always Be My Maybe on Netflix.

  • Tuesday 04/06/19

Work was ok, the day sort of came and went.  I came home and sat reading some blogs while having a coffee then decided to make some food (Jacket potato!) and watch Dumplin’ on Netflix.  I had a pretty chilled evening and had an early night too.

  • Wednesday 05/06/19

I woke up tired and felt like I hadn’t been asleep for very long and that I could have happily slept for most of the day.  Work stressed me out today, it was too noisy in the office and we still had lots to do to finish the payment cycle.  This stress affected me all day and I was a bit grumpy by the time I got home.  When I got home from work Roxy and I went and lay on the bed and I had a little sleep for an hour or so.  I woke up still feeling grumpy, came down and had a coffee.  My friend turned up and we went up to the shop and got icecream and cake to cheer me up.  I did start feeling better after that.  We then watched Black Mirror before my friend had to go home.  I then sat and watched an episode of Good Girls before heading to bed.

  • Thursday 06/06/19

I woke early and had a shower as I really didnt have the energy to shower before bed last night and got ready for work, headed in with the sun shining and in a much better mood than yesterday.  We have now finished the work for payment and there wasn’t much to do, just tying up loose ends and getting around to things that had been put to the wayside like filing and sorting paperwork.  An email was sent around asking if any of the staff would like to become a workplace mediator – to help resolve conflicts in the workplace without escalating to a higher level, I really like the idea of this so I filled in the application and sent that off. The role would run alongside my main job and be an A’s needed voluntary position. The day went fairly quickly and at 4:15pm I left work with my friend and walked over to my car.  I had to pick my meds up from the pharmacy on the way home and was plesantly surprised that they had got my full prescription ready and correct!  I spent the evening working on my bullet journal and watching Good Girls.

  • Friday 07/06/19

 Work came and went today, the whole day seemed to pass by really slowly and I was glad to see 5pm roll around! It was a grey, dull day with lots of heavy rain, we even had a few thunder storms. After work I headed home, my friend came over and we chatted, watched the new episode of Black Mirror, An episode of Good Girls and The Society on Netflix. It was a really lovely evening after what hadn’t really been the best of days.

  • Saturday 08/06/19

This morning I woke around 9am, Roxy wasn’t in bed with me which isn’t unusual, sometimes she likes to take herself off to the spare room or downstairs to have a snooze on the sofa. I lay and read some blog posts for 20mins before Roxy realised I was awake and came padding in for cuddles. We got up around 10am and went downstairs to have breakfast and coffee. I decided to work on some up-coming blog posts and schedule them in before I go away next weekend. Mum called me to ask if I fancied going down for tea so I showered and got ready to be there for 5pm. It was nice to spend some time with my Mum and Dad. After food, I headed home around 9pm and finished working on a post then watched an episode of Good Girls before bed.

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