Saturday Shout Out – Lylia Rose

Shout Out to Lylia Rose!!!

Lylia Rose is a blog run by Victoria and is a new to me blogger who responded to my Saturday Shout Out ad.

Victoria currently has three blogs!

Lylia Rose a blog about money and lifestyle.

Healthy Vix which is about health and wellbeing.

Travel Vixta which focuses on travel, days out, campervan holidays and adventures.

Victoria has been blogging at Lylia Rose since April 2013, so just over six years and has since set up two more blogs so she can be more niche focussed on each one.

I set up Healthy Vix in January 2018, so it’s almost a year and a half old.

My newest blog is Travel Vixta which I only started in November 2018 so it’s my baby at six months old!

Lylia Rose is a lifestyle blog with a money angle. I used to post about a lot of different topics on Lylia Rose, but since 2018 I have decided to focus on money related posts. It still covers a variety of topics such as being self-employed, blogging for money, how to make money from home, side hustles, saving money and running a home based business.

I am very passionate about healthy living and I regularly go to the gym, eat a plant-based diet only and love natural beauty. I set up my second blog Healthy Vix to focus on all things healthy from a vegan diet to natural, eco-friendly living tips.

My final blog is Travel Vixta. I did originally post all my travel content and reviews on Lylia Rose, but I decided it would be better to have it all in one place so my third blog covers all our family travel, days out and campervan adventures, as well as travel tips and advice.

Here are some of Victoria’s favourite posts that she has written

Me and my blogs are that they are my job! I am a full-time blogger and manage to make an income from blogging every month. I was able to turn my hobby into a business which always amazes me.


You can find Victoria sharing her latest posts on Twitter and Pinterest, as well as have a sneak peek into her life and interests on Instagram.


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