Saturday Shout Out – Final Chapter

Shout Out To Final Chapter!!!

Today’s shout out goes to the Final Chapter, a blog I always enjoy reading!

Final Chapter has been around for the last 3 years but Authoress51 had previously been blogging since 2012!

Final Chapter’s blog is

a True Life Blog.. Like a diary, but public.   The personal life of a woman in her 50’s, living in  Las Vegas and mother of 4 cats.

I really like how honest Authoress51 is in her posts and how it feels like sitting down with a good friend and a coffee and sharing her life with you when you read them.

Authoress has 2 favourite posts Comparisons Help, and 54 Things About Me.  Check them out!

A fun fact about Authoress51 – I detest the colour Pink!  Won’t wear it or own anything with it.   If anyone gives me anything Pink, it better be soft so I can throw it at them.   Eating Pink food is different.  I love Cotton Candy!

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