Weekly Roundup 12/05/19 – 18/05/19

Weekly Roundup 12_05_19 - 18_05_19

  • Sunday 12/05/19

Today was a fairly quiet day spent chilling with Roxy.  I worked on some journal spreads in my Bullet Journal, did some housework and watched some more Gossip Girl on Netflix.  I prepared my lunch for work and got my clothes together for the morning, had a shower and then read some of my book before an early night to bed!

  • Monday 13/05/19

Today was really slow.  Everything seemed to be going at a snail’s pace, even my work computer.  I was really glad for the day to be over so I could come home and relax.  I always seem to get stressed out when things are slow as I start to think about all the things I have to get done and start to panic a bit.  When I got home I had a shower and read some blogs, my book and had some food before heading to bed.

  • Tuesday 14/05/19

I signed up to the local library today.  I have not been a member of my library since I was younger and decided that I would re-join after visiting with a friend last week when he needed to make copies of some documents.  I have been trying to research some history of my house and street but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information online.  I remember my library having a fantastic range of local history books which is what spurred me on to join.  I was also surprised to learn that it is open most nights until 6pm!

  • Wednesday 15/05/19

I worked until 6pm as I wanted to get some things processed that was sat on my desk and finish off some other bits and pieces as I have annual leave booked for tomorrow and Friday.  Once I had finished I met my friend and they came over to mine for some food and to watch a film.  We had been saying that we wanted to watch Bird Box for ages so decided to watch that.  I’d heard good and bad things about the film but really enjoyed it.

  • Thursday 16/05/19

I love annual leave days!  Today I had a lie in with Roxy before starting my day around 10am. I have a list of things that I want to get done over the next few days so have made a start on that!  I worked on designing some graphics for upcoming blog posts, some Saturday Shout Out questionnaires and the prep work for the posts to go live and some other blog things, mainly background work.  I also started to create a blog mood board that I can use to refer to when creating images for my blog, Instagram and Twitter feed.  I also did some clothes washing and started to clean the house.  My brother and his family are coming down over the Bank holiday next weekend so I have plans to get the house in tip-top shape for their visit.

  • Friday 17/05/19

Another annual leave day!  I had plans today to go and do some gardening but the weather has been grey and damp all day,  not the most ideal of conditions for gardening.  I decided to spend my time planning out some blog posts for next month and working on my blog content today as well as doing some routine blog maintenance.  I have done two wash loads and tidied up a few things as well so I am feeling that I have been pretty productive.  I am going out later to see a friend with Roxy which I’m looking forward to!

  • Saturday 18/05/19

Today has been a day of doing odd jobs and working on a few ideas that I have for this blog.  I have been thinking about logos a lot and I’m still unsure about whether to update my current one but I have been playing around with a few different designs and thinking about fonts rather a lot!  I had a nap in the afternoon and woke up with another idea for a series that I might run on the blog.  Aside from that, I spent the morning helping a friend, drinking tea and having a pretty lazy day!

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  1. I love my local library!! It’s so great to have access to everything they offer. Not just books but ebooks and audiobooks and cds and dvds and TV series and magazines. But provincial budget cuts are affecting our libraries right now. I used to be able to have items from other libraries (in the same city) sent to the one closest to me but they have suspended that service. It definitely sucks! lol

    1. A lot of ours are closing down which is such a shame. I hope my local one doesn’t close though, I’m looking forward to spending time there and being able to borrow books that I probably wouldn’t usually buy! Xxx

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