Weekly Roundup 28/04/19 – 04/05/19

Weekly Roundup(1)

I am going to be adding a “Weekly Roundup” post to my blog which will go live on a Sunday.  I have been wanting to do something like this for a while now as I always do things that I’d like to share but don’t really warrant a full blog post so, what better way to share than with a weekly roundup post?  These posts will share things that I do in the week from a Sunday to Saturday and I’m hoping to share with you the little things I do on a day to day basis!  I hope you will enjoy this new addition to the blog!

Weekly Round Up 28/04/19 – 04/05/19

  • Sunday 28th April

I had a decorating day and spent the day cleaning my bedroom and painting it purple!  You can see more from my painting day here which I blogged about as part of the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge!

  • Monday 29th April

I worked in the day then came home and watched Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge on Netflix with my friend.  It was a lovely evening after a long day in work.  I even managed to have an earlyish night!

  • Tuesday 30th April

Worked again today and I learned how to process some different types of payment which was good.  I left work early (around 4.45pm) and came home.  I worked on some bits for my blog – blog posts and a few ideas.

  • Wednesday 1st May

I have been thinking about painting the coving in my bedroom an antique gold colour…it has been painted purple at the moment as I painted it when I decorated, but think it would look so much better gold.  I worked and then came home and cooked a Quorn fillet thing which had tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms in it.  My friend came round and we had it for tea with pasta!  It was really tasty!  We started watching the Blue Planet on Netflix but didn’t get around to finishing watching it so have saved it for next time.

  • Thursday 2nd May

Woke up feeling super tired but managed to get to work on time (which was a miracle as I’d only woken up 45 mins before I had to be there…)  My day went fairly quickly and I managed to get more done than I had anticipated.  I came home and went to bed with Roxy for a little lie down and slept until 7:30pm.  I got up and felt really groggy so Roxy and I chilled and watched Gossip Girl on Netflix and read a few blog posts before going back to sleep!

  • Friday 3rd May

I had today off on annual leave and helped my friend to fill in some forms about importing a van to the UK.  I thought we would only need one form but it turns out we need a few other forms to be filled in as well.  It’s a lot more complicated than I was hoping.  I went out for lunch – Subway and had some food, then came home and filled in some more info on the forms before looking into what else was needed.  I worked on a few ideas I have for the blog and some graphic work as well.  I also hoovered the house and tidied a few things up as Mum and Dad are visiting (hopefully) tomorrow!  I saw my neighbour, she called round with some recipe books that I let her borrow and we have made plans to go to the cinema next week to see Avengers Endgame which we are both really excited to see after we went to see Captain Marvel last month!

  • Saturday 4th May

I woke up early on Saturday, worked on my blog for much of the morning before cleaning the house.  I ran the hoover around, cleaned the bathroom and did some washing.  I then had a shower.  Mum and Dad came up in the afternoon, Dad had bought a metal detector and I said he could use it in my garden.  Dad and I had a fun hour or so digging up things (mostly rusty old nails!) while Mum pruned back the dead parts of my hydrangea and gooseberry bush ready for planting,  After we had been in the garden for a bit we decided it was getting a bit cold so we all came back indoors.  I then helped Mum and Dad to hang 2 mirrors for me – one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom.  After they had gone I spent the afternoon having a full clean of my bedroom and re-arranging things.  I worked on my blog for a bit longer before deciding to have an early night.

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