Simple Swaps to Become More Eco Friendly

The easiest way to become more eco-friendly is to analyse the things you use on a day-to-day basis and seek out versions that are more environmentally friendly.  Here’s a list of things you may want to consider switching to…

  • Shower Gel in plastic bottles to bar soap.
  • Shampoo and conditioner in bottles to solid versions.
  • Cleaning products to more eco-friendly versions.
  • Plastic toothbrushes to wooden ones.
  • Vacuum cleaners to sweeping brush.
  • Plastic wrap for silicone wrap or beeswax wrap.
  • Plastic carrier bags to canvas totes.
  • Plastic single use drinks bottles for re-usable ones.

You could switch plastic wrapped food items, particularly plastic packaged goods, to loose dried goods that can be packaged in your own re-usable containers or look for goods that are packed in glass or tin that can be recycled or re-used.

Cut down on the amount of electric and gas that you use by turning things off instead of leaving on standby, or by turning your heating down a few degrees or off completely when you don’t need to use it.  When there is a chill in the air, put on more clothing or wrap up with a blanket instead.

Try to grow some of your own veg if you have the garden space or apply for an allotment to grow things in.

Buy local produce where possible, markets are a good place to start as they are usually stocked with local farmers produce and can work out cheaper than buying from a supermarket.

Check each piece of rubbish that is entering your bin to see if you can re-cycle it, you may be surprised at what you can put aside to recycle.

This is only a short list of suggestions…what other things can you think of to help becoming more eco?

5 thoughts on “Simple Swaps to Become More Eco Friendly

  1. A superb post Suzi and one l shall be reblogging as you know, this is a passion of mine also. It is an interesting post for several reasons … l find that like many other ‘addictions’ because the world we live in l feel is one big addiction – especially in terms of abuse on the planet and so on – nanyway, like any addiction the real secret to success is to wean off slowly – so Suze and l have been making huge transitional changes in the way we live our lives.

    It started six years ago and every year more product diversity becomes available so that we can switch to organic and eco more efficiently. The biggest problem with the UK is that it is so bloody backward in recycling efforts in comparison to other countries. So if you are trying to become eco-friendly you really have to research products … l have been thinking of as a feature introducing an eco product directory in the future because your post raises some valid points.

    Another of my concerns if that the overall laziness of people means that many will not do the proper research required to make any kind of transtion because it will always appear to be too much hard work, and we live in a world that has 1] become lazy and 2] brainwashed by having everything at its fingertips for modern efficience which supposedly replaces complacencies .. mm.

    So of your list how have you found the transition and when did you start to move fully into the eco direction?

    Shower Gel in plastic bottles to bar soap.

    We currently buy organic products which are in recycled plastic bottles, but have been thinking of transitioning to bar soaps.

    Shampoo and conditioner in bottles to solid versions.

    As above, the problems with a lot of soaps is againa problem for certain hair types, so the manufacturers l feel have got to up their game more.

    Cleaning products to more eco-friendly versions.

    we buy many of our products from Ecover which uses recycled plastics. We would use glass but atypically similiar to sellers hiking the prices up on organic food stuffs, glass products is always horribly expensive. If being organic and eco environmentally friendly, more has got to be done to make it more affordable, otherwise people on low incomes will not bother because it is out of the price ranges.

    Plastic toothbrushes to wooden ones.

    Yes l use Bamboo toothbrushes.

    Vacuum cleaners to sweeping brush.

    This is a real challenge and l guess you may experience the same with Roxy – but dog hair, l noted from her interview that in fact you have ceramic tiles – are they all through the house and do you also have wooden floors all the way through also? We are renting, and this house doesn’t have wooden floors unlike our previous rental. Which was a lot easier to keep clean, but with carpets you face a hell of a challenge without a vacuum, so have you come across any quality products in recycled plastic such as ocean plastic?

    Plastic wrap for silicone wrap or beeswax wrap

    We have been clinfilm and tin foil free now for two months after spending several months trying to find the right alternatives to replace, we are still trying to find an alternative to use in the BBQ. But for ovens we switched to a new glass product, they were expensive but ideal as they also double up as a new replacement for plastic boxes and they come complete with a recycled plastic fitted lid, and for the clingfilm we now use silicone covers, although Suze also uses a beeswax wrap for lunch.

    Plastic carrier bags to canvas totes.
    Plastic single use drinks bottles for re-usable ones.

    Yes we stopped using plastic bags long before the nig move came in a few years ago, and have been using totes for some time, plus we only use reusable bottles and have done for around five years.

    Have you found the move hard yourself? Due to a country like Britain that is l think shameful for it’s lack of innovation.

    1. Hey Rory!!! Thank you for commenting! It’s lovely to find people who are on the same wavelength as me!!!

      I think I have always been a bit eco conscious as we were taught about rubbish and recycling in school when I was young but it’s had more of an impact on me as I have got older and products that are more eco friendly have been easier to obtain!

      I use a rubber sweeping brush (I bought it in B&M Bargains for around £3) that works really well to gather Roxy hair from the floors! I have tiles in my kitchen, laminate flooring throughout downstairs and carpets upstairs and it works really well on all surfaces! 9 times out of 10, I have found that I don’t need to hoover at all because the brush has collected everything up!!!

      I’d love to use glass containers for everything but find that they can be too heavy to store and also too expensive too. I make do with what I have available! (Though I did have some lovely caddies bought for me when I moved in which I store my coffee and sugar in!)

      I think too that people can be lazy, there is also the kind of mindset of disliking change and people will buy and use what they are familiar with and things that they have grown up seeing being used. That and browsing Instagram and seeing all these really pretty cupboards full of products in matching re-usable containers that I’m sure put people off… my cupboards are a state and will never look Instagram worthy. I think a lot more people would make switches if they weren’t so worried about the whole Instagram perfection….


      1. Yes, people are too easily led by the so called miracle life of perfection, social media is damaging on that level – but that’s not true – social media isn’t to blame for these things – it’s like when we make a simple err with the computer and say ‘bloody computer!’ and yet 9/10 it’s our own error. It’s just easier to blame the comp, rather than ourselves.

        People saldy don’t like thinking for themselves and we can blame Twitter, FB and Instagram for all sorts of things – but 9/10 it’s isn’t those platforms but people’s inability to take themselves away from it and start using that strange things between their ears again 🙂

        Then we as you say have those people who simply aren’t willing to 1] make change and 2] accept that change is needed.

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