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Today’s post for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is about Social Media.

Back in the day, way back when social media sites were just starting to emerge, I had a MySpace account and really loved being able to connect with friends and family, make new friends and be able to write about my thoughts and feelings, share music and customise my site to the max.  Then Facebook seemed to arrive out of no where and my MySpace account was abandoned as all my friends seemed to prefer Facebook.  For years I loved my Facebook account and would post to it several times a day.  I loved to read what my friends were doing.  Facebook then introduced sharing of photos and it was nice to see my friends pictures as well as read what was going on in their lives.  Eventually Facebook introduced sharing of websites, news articles, memes and eventually, with so many selling groups becoming popular, they introduced Marketplace.  I stopped seeing what my friends were doing and my feed became a mishmash of music videos, re-posted memes and adverts and that’s when I decided to quit the platform.

I had, and still have my original Instagram account and have made one specifically for the blog (you can find that here), I also have a Twitter, a Pinterest account and I can be found on Bloglovin’.  I’m not particularly active on any of them.

I had plans to be active on all my social media platforms and in several of my Monthly Goals posts have set myself a goal of learning about the platforms that I have and start using them more effectively but in all honesty, I am put off by the whole numbers game and all the other silly games that are played there in order to get noticed.  There are people who follow you in the hope that you will follow back, regardless of whether the things they post are interesting to you, and then you get unfollowed the day later because you didn’t follow back.  There are people with hundreds and thousands of followers but when you look at the interaction on each post, there only seem to be a handful of likes or comments.  People seem to be obsessed with the number of followers that you have, the higher the amount the more interesting you become to brands and the more “influencer” you are.  But, from what I have looked at, and what I have seen, there seems to be a flaw there, the more followers you have should not mean anything.  Just because you have 4000 followers, does not mean that they will all see your posts and like the image and be swayed into buying the product, it just means that you have a higher potential reach.  I have looked at people who have smaller numbers of followers and they seem to get a higher percentage of likes and comments than those with more followers.

And, the whole numbers thing is just one element that I’m tired of.  The other thing I am getting bored with is the amount of images that are shared that are styled so much and look magazine perfect.  I’m not against this at all, I think a beautifully styled image is lovely, but I also want to see images that have just been shot in the moment and are not perfect.  We all have flaws, images have flaws and that makes us human.

I have been reading a lot about Instagram and have read several articles about how you should pick a theme for your feed, so that all the images tie in with each other, whether it is using the same background, or colour scheme, or the same filter, and while I agree with this to some extent, I am perfectly happy to post things that please me and fit in with me as a person, rather than me as a brand.

And, I think, really, that is what I struggle with, and maybe why I am not so active on social media, the whole idea that you have to be your own brand and develop your social media channels to fit that brand.  And that is also why I prefer my blog, and reading other people’s blogs, either here on WordPress or over on Blogger, most of the bloggers that I follow have an honesty about them, a sort of what you read is what you get, sort of style, and I hope that, along the way, when you read my blog posts, that you get a true understanding of who I am and what I am about.

What are your thoughts on social media?

8 thoughts on “S is for Social Media

  1. I’m not too big of a social media user. Unless you count WordPress as “social media” and some people don’t. I have accounts for Pinterest and FB and IG and Twitter. But Twitter is just for my blog. My posts go there, and sometimes, like yesterday, I’ll post something random but not often. I use IG the most, posting pictures and the like. And they get sent to FB so I check it if I’ve posted pictures but I haven’t actually made a status update in over a year. Pinterest is my obsession though. I will be on it multiple times a day. All the time lol. I LOVE it!!

  2. I follow blogs most of WordPress reader too. It’s easier to keep track of. All my blogs post automatically to Twitter and FB but like you say I rarely see many posts that I want to on FB. I’ve just set up Instagram recently and I do like it for looking at pics but I’m not really using it for my blog.

  3. I can relate to this one. I find sites (not so much blogging) very performative and competitive. It feels like I have to be someone else in order to fit in or be considered relevant especially with Instagram. I’m fed up of thinking about following or numbers. I wish we could go back to just enjoying being online and not worry about people will receive our content. Great post! <3

    1. Thanks! I hate how social media is so competitive now! It’s hard work isn’t it? I watched a programme on Netflix last night about social media, specifically instagram, called Social Animals and it shows how social media isn’t always a good thing! It’s worth watching! Xxx

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