The Importance of Having a Content Plan

the importance of having a content plan

I’ve had several blogs over the years which I would add to when I thought of something to write about, sometimes this would be several times a day and other times 3 or 4 months would pass by before I published anything.  In that time I would have ideas but they would come and go, especially if I wasn’t near a computer at the time.  Often I would think about my blog and have the fullest of intentions of adding to it but then sit at the desk, the little cursor on-screen blinking away and not have an iota of what to write.  And in time ALL of my previous blogs failed – I failed to write posts in a timely manner, I rushed what I was writing and didn’t really think about my words or topic carefully, I missed opportunities to link to interesting articles or previous posts, photos were rushed or non-existent and the general quality of the post was poor overall.

Now though, I have approached this blog differently.  Before I even signed up and created MyColourfulLifeUK, I started to write down ideas for this blog, I talked about it with friends and family and generated a few ideas of what they found interesting in the subject fields I enjoyed.  And so started the beginnings of a content plan.

A content plan is so important as a blogger as it gives you a framework with which to create blog posts and help you with what you are going to write about on a day-to-day basis.  Having a content plan is like driving somewhere you have never been before but with well written directions.

Here are 7 things that having a content plan has helped me with

  • Knowing what I am going to write about

Having a plan has helped me no end.  I always have an idea of what I am going to be writing about and now I don’t waste half of my time sitting and staring at a blank screen.  What I didn’t bank on was that having a plan actually encourages me to write and I am always excited to sit down and draft up a blog post now.

  • Helps me to prepare content (Including links and images)

Having the knowledge of what I want to write about allows me to thoroughly prepare, from researching topics, making notes, finding useful links, taking photos, writing the post and editing it.  If you know then you can prepare.

  • Helps me to generate new post ideas

Whenever I sit and look through my content plan I seem to be able to come up with new ideas to write about, and in researching topics I will often find something else that piques my interest and opens up a whole new set of thoughts about posts I can create further down the line.  Now I have a content plan I never seem to be short of ideas!

  • Provides well thought out posts for your readers

My English A Level lecturer always said he could spot an essay that had been hastily written and I didn’t really believe him back then, but now, after reading lots of different blogs on all sorts of different topics I know exactly what he means.  When you have a content plan there are not many posts you will write in a rush which in turn means that your posts will be well thought out, the points raised will be clear and there will be a good flow to the words and pace.  Rushed posts often meander off track, words are clumsily thrown together and even the reading pace feels rushed.

  • Helps me to stick within the theme of my blog

I’m a lifestyle blogger which means that I can over a lot of different subjects and still be within the theme of my blog overall but if you have a niche blog, I had one covering art when in university, it could be really easy to stray from that overall theme.  I know that it’s your blog and you can pretty much write what you want, but if you have a niche theme then it’s worth sticking to it, trust me, your readers will thank you!

  • Helps me to build a schedule for my posts

Once I have a list of content that I want to write about I then open Excel and use a calendar that I created to schedule my content, colour code each topic and start placing the topics against dates to publish.  This helps me to see what to write and when as well as not having too many posts on the same topic being crowded together.

  • Keeps readers interested and gains return visitors and followers

All of the above points lead to this – keeping readers engaged with your writing, gaining repeat visitors and, hopefully, gaining followers who will keep coming back to read the content that bought them to your blog in the first place.

I hope you find this useful.  What are your thoughts on having a content plan?

9 thoughts on “The Importance of Having a Content Plan

  1. This is wonderful advice for content planning. I really need to discipline myself more. I like how at the beginning of the month you give a preview of what to expect from you in the upcoming month. What was it that pushed you to dedicate yourself more this time versus the first and second time? If you don’t mind my asking.

    1. The first and second times I was too “niche”, my art blog only really functioned when I was doing my foundation degree and my ba degree and I felt that I had so much more I wanted to cover topic wise! And I love being organised and having a schedule to work to! Thanks! I was in two minds about doing a monthly overview post but it’s proved quite good for my readers and for me! It encourages me to keep going! Xxx

  2. What an interesting approach! My plan is mostly in my head. I continue to reshape it after what I put out. Kind of like scrapbooking or quilt making. I have lots of notes about what to write. ❤️🦋🌀

  3. I also use an Excel spreadsheet and most of my content is planned and scheduled ahead of time. It really helps with keeping track of everything.

  4. I think content plans are great if you’re trying to build your blog and brand and maybe make money off of it. My blog is strictly personal and I have no ambitions to ever make money from it so I just write when I want to/have free time. Which works out to be almost every day anyways haha! But I find if I have a plan or a schedule I need to keep to, my desire to write does. So it’s best for me to just have no plan at all

    1. My first blogs had no content plan and were too “niche” and I struggled loads to post anything at all some months, I find having a plan helps me to stay focused and not blog about something I wrote about before! But I know what you mean! Sometimes it’s better to write as and when! Xxx

      1. I sometimes wonder if I’ve written about things more than once. But if I also post enough that I don’t remember, then I’m sure my readers don’t remember either haha

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