My New “Office” Space

Since starting this blog I have worked on my posts, sat on the floor in my living room, using the coffee table as my desk which has worked fairly well but hasn’t been ideal as I found myself getting distracted by things around me, the tv, noticing that something in the house needed doing…you name it and I was there!  I am a master procrastinator.  Plus the floor was cold and I needed coffee…lol!

I decided that I needed a proper space to work from, one that meant I didn’t constantly get distracted or have to tidy away when I had friends and family coming over.  I had a space at the top of the stairs that was home to my Hoover and other junk and wasn’t being well utilised, and if I’m honest, was a bit of an eye sore which I really disliked as everyone who came to the house and used my toilet (I have one and its upstairs) could see, and I knew a desk would fit perfectly there!  And so, my little “office” space was born!

I’m really happy with it as you can see from my super happy, smiley, blogger face!  Lol!  I feel like I am more productive tucked away up here, its warmer, quiet, there are fewer distractions, and silly as it may sound, I actually feel like I now have a purpose!

I still have a few tweaks to make and there are a couple of things I’d like to add to the space – one being a wall planner, antoer being a chalk board/whiteboard/cork board combination but these things can be added as and when, but for now this space is perfect!

What do you think of my “office” space?  Where do you blog?

22 thoughts on “My New “Office” Space

  1. 🙂 That is one tidy-looking office space that you have there.

    In my case, having a laptop computer allows me to get my quota of blogging inside any part of my house.

  2. For the longest time I would sit on my bed with my laptop and blog from there. Being the only comfortable place to sit in my bedroom, this led to a substantial dip in the middle of my mattress, which also led to a lot of tossing and turning and backaches as I tried to sleep on this increasingly uncomfortable mattress. Now, thankfully, I have a new mattress. I also get to use a desk that was left behind by the previous tenant, so my posture is probably doing much better these days.

  3. Your new space looks like it could be a very productive one. I write at the coffee table in my living room, mostly because I live in a very small apartment and it is the only place which lends itself to blogging. It’s a cosy space, and I have a routine whereby I light a couple of candles and play some background music, but I do become quite distracted by the sight of people walking past the window of my ground floor flat. I suppose that’s why it takes me all week to produce a post!

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