The Quest for the Perfect Bag

I’ve been wanting a new bag for a few months now for carting my belongings to and from work (when I return) and seem to have spent so much time looking for the perfect one that I feel a bit like I’ve seen them all and maybe the perfect one does not exist.

My perfect bag wishlist is….

  • 3 large interior pockets
  • Roomy enough to carry water, my filofax, keys, phone, purse, notebook and any other things that I may want in there like my kindle or a book
  • Not be too plain
  • But on the other hand, not be to flashy or blingy
  • Not be black or brown
  • But also not be too bright
  • Some kind of shoulder bag
  • Not be branded visibly
  • Be waterproof
  • Be hard wearing enough to withstand being chucked about
  • Not be nylon
  • Not look or feel too cheap
  • Be within my price range (up to £30)

I used to have a Bessie bag that I really loved, it was hard wearing, cream coloured with brown accents, fit everything and more, was perfect for any occasion, and fit most of the criteria that I have listed above.  I wish that bag still existed because I’d 100% buy it again.  It lasted me a good few years and, aside from swapping it over to another bag, I’m now unsure of what happened to it.

I am tempted by a few other Bessie Bags but I worry that I will compare it to my last one, and what if it doesn’t live up to my expectations?  I’ve also had my eye on a few different ones on Amazon but without seeing them in real life I’m not sure what to expect quality wise….

What sort of bag do you use?  Do you have any suggestions for bags?

7 thoughts on “The Quest for the Perfect Bag

  1. Oooo those bags on Amazon look so cute!! What you could do is order a few, pick the one you want and then return the ones you don’t? I’ve had to return a few things through Amazon and it’s all gone seamlessly.

    Have you tried Etsy? I’ve been getting bags from there for years. And I love that they are all handmade and I’m supporting an artist while making my purchase. Right now my main bag is a messenger bag, the strap lets me adjust where it falls on my hip depending on what I’m carrying in it, the snaps are great and still work (I did rip one out of the fabric though because of my own carelessness) and it has a fantastic hippo design, which is a must! It’s just one big open compartment but it’s also like my own Mary Poppin’s bag. Everything goes in there and is ready when I need it.

    1. I haven’t looked on Etsy! I’ll have a look now!!! And good idea about maybe getting a few to try too! Though I may end up liking all of them! Lol! Xxx

  2. The way some collect shoes, I collect bags. I see one, I want one. But lately I have settled for crossbody to carry my important stuff (wallet, glasses, phone, lipstick, business cards) and a medium sized tote bag, usually some time of leather even faux leather – which holds me kindle, business brochures, water bottle etc. This way if I dont need everything with me, I leave it in the car and go on my way.

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