X is for Xper


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Todays Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is the letter X and that could prove to be quite a challenge for some people considering only 0.02% of the words in the English Language start with the letter X.

I spent a fair while thinking about what I could write about for the letter x and couldn’t really come up with anything aside from X Marks the Spot and was thinking of writing a piece about pirates or coming up with a blog game that meant my readers had to find a specific place in my blog in order to win something but that never came about, this was mainly due to me doing further research into words beginning with x.  I found some pretty neat sites that listed obscure words for x ( like this site and this one).  It was on the second site that I found the word XPER, and decided that it would be the word for todays challenge post.

Isnt Xper such a good word?  It’s a really nice word to say out loud!  Try it!!!!  But what does it mean?  Well, Xper means “to show how much of an expert you are at something”, and I tink that we all would like to think we are experts at something.  I am not sure if I would like to call myself an expert at anything as I believe that there is always so much more we can learn in any field we choose, and with the introduction of technology and the internet we can learn so much more in a small timeframe.  Technology also has the ability to create new ways of doing things or to change what we already know.  For example, I would say that I am very proficient at WordPress and have mastered much of the site and what it can do, but, with the move from the Classic Editor to Gutenberg, I will be having to learn new skills and ways of doing things.

I don’t think, even professors or doctors can really call themselves experts anymore, with new advances being made in medicine and in teaching, even the subjects that are taught are changing.  I guess we will never truly be “experts” again.