Top 10 Workspace Must-Haves

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When I say workspace, I don’t necessarily mean an office space, but any place that you may work or craft from, whether it is, indeed an office, home office, craft room or coffee table.  There are certain things that should be to hand wherever you are working from.  Here are my Top 10 Workspace Must-Haves

  • A notepad.  Whether it is lined, dotted or plain, it is always really handy to keep a notepad nearby as you never know what you may need to jot down.
  • A decent pen.  Please don’t confuse decent with expensive, any pen will do but make sure it is one that writes well and doesn’t skip, isn’t comfortable to hold or any other little nuance that comes with writing implements!
  • Post It notes.  These little things are so useful for writing down lists, dates or any other information that you want to put somewhere else (like a diary or calendar!)
  • Ruler.  Sometimes I use a ruler to measure the dimensions of something, to draw lines or use as a guide when reading lengthy texts.
  • Pencil.  An HB one is one that I always reach for.  Good for making notes, sketching something out, drafting out an idea or for making lines with (or for doodling with!)
  • Eraser.  For getting rid of any mistakes you may make with your pencil.
  • Stapler.  This is one thing on my list that I never thought I would need or use, yet it is one of the most useful little implements I have and reach for it daily.
  • Calculator.  I don’t think I could survive without one, either using one on my phone, my laptop or a good, old -fashioned desk calculator.
  • Highlighters.  So very useful for drawing attention to important information, dates, or anything else that you want to remember.
  • Water bottle.  In order to function properly and stay hydrated and awake, a water bottle is a must in any workspace.  Just remember to drink from it regularly and top it up when it is empty.

What are your Top 10 Workspace Must-Haves?  Let me know in the comments!