What Is Hygge?


It seems that hygge is as difficult to define as it is to pronounce, and looking on-line gives both the meaning and pronunciation several versions.

Hygge is Danish, that much I know, and from reading the book “The Little Book Of Hygge” I have come to understand that Hygge is more than some kind of interior design movement.

Hygge to me means comfort, cozy, comfortable, warm, enjoyment, contentment, calm, soft, quiet, peaceful, restful and a lot more than I can really put into words.

Hygge is not something you can bottle and sell.  It’s not something you can buy either.  Hygge is born, it is crafted, cultivated, nurtured.

It is about memories, warm drinks on a cold day, a hug from a loved one, snuggling up in a warm bed, candle light, quiet nights in with a glass of wine and your favorite book, that feeling you get when you hear your favorite song or catch a brief smell of your favorite scent.  It’s all of that with a sprinkling of believing in magic.