Saturday Shout Out – Undercover Superhero

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Ami’s blog Undercover Superhero is a new to me blog!  Ami answered my call out for blogs to take part in the Saturday Shout Out series that I have just started on this blog.

Ami has been writing her blog Undercover Superhero since October 2018 and her blog is about

learning to walk again during a 9 month hospital and rehabilitation stay.  I also talk about life experiences as a young adult with chronic illnesses and being a wheelchair user. Along with other topics such as raising Awareness and planning a superhero themed wedding!

I have read her favourite blog posts which are

Ami has been through a horrendous ordeal with her illness but, what has struck me with reading her blog (and watching the videos!) is the determination and positivity which shines through in all her posts.  Ami writes really engaging posts and I can’t wait to read the rest of her blog and new posts that she will write!

I love Ami’s fun fact which is “A fun fact about me…hmm…I own 20 notebooks! They all have funny or motivational quotes on the covers!”

If you would like to read more about Ami and her life please follow her blog over at Undercover Superhero.

You can also find Ami over at

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