Bloggers Bash

Today’s blog post is being written on a coach as I make my way from my home to London for the weekend!

I’m pretty excited about this trip as, not only am I getting to spend some time with my brother, his wife and my niece and nephew, I’m also going to be attending the Bloggers Bash!

I was up super early this morning, 4:30am and getting ready for my trip, made myself a flask for coffee for the journey and headed to the bus stop, (with thanks to my lovely friend for the lift down), to await the bus that would pick me up at 6:05am.

Luckily the bus was on time, and so far the journey has gone without a glitch. It’s been raining pretty much non stop since last night and showers are forecast for the day and for tomorrow which is a bit disappointing as it’s June and we should be having hot, sunny weather by now. Personally though, I don’t mind travelling when the temperatures are a bit cooler as it can get a bit unpleasant if it’s too hot!

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you going to the Bloggers Bash? Let me know in the comments!!!