This Month on the Blog!


I can’t quite believe that April is over though I’m sure I say this every month!  This month seems to have passed by so quickly, aided in part by my taking part in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge which saw me posting a new topic each day, starting with A on the 1st of April and finishing with Z today (Sundays were a day of rest!).  It has been a month of blogging and coffee!

This month on the blog things start to return to normal, though I am considering introducing a few new things to the blog just to see whether they work and are something I can sustain for the future so bear with me!

This month on the blog I will be sharing…

  • Recipe of the Month.  I am going to share with you an easy veggie rice salad that is perfect hot or cold and super easy to prepare!
  • Top 10’s which will appear each Thursday.
  • Monthly Goals for May
  • Blog Bullet Journal
  • What is a Blogger?
  • A Day in My Life – Weekend
  • Product Review
  • Blog Maintainance
  • Things I am Looking Forward to – Summer
  • Favorite Outfit – Summer
  • Product Empties

There may be other posts along the way including introduction posts for things I want to add to my blog on a regular basis, look out for these!!!!

What is happening on your blog this month?