Saturday Shout Out


Today’s Saturday Shout Out is a bit of a different one than normal as I wanted to take some time to share the blogs that have already taken part in this series.  I would like to shout out to each and every blogger who has taken part so far, I have met so many fantastic blogs and have really loved knowing a bit about your blogs!

Clicking on each image will open a new tab where you can read the Shout Out post.

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500 Blog Followers

I hit another milestone on the blog last week!  I had a notification come through on my phone alerting me that I had hit 500 followers.


I honestly can not thank you all enough!  And, I know I say this each milestone I achieve, I am totally blown away by the fact that so many of you want to follow my blog!  You all are amazing!  You all help me to continue writing and posting here and I am truly greatful to have so many people that want to read all about me and the things I love doing!

I would like you all to share your blog links in the comments and share a little bit about why you started your blog, the best thing about blogging or something you have learned in your journey as a blogger!  I’m hoping, if there are enough comments, to compile them into a blog post to celebrate you all!



I hit 400 followers on this blog a few days ago and I am so blown away by this! I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for giving my blog your time, for reading what I write, for the likes and comments. I never thought that my blog would gain so many supporters. Without all that you guys do, this blog would not be half as much fun, you encourage me to keep going, keep creating and thinking of new things to share!

Thank you all so much!  xxx