Roxy Turns 5!!!!

Today marks my bestest friend’s 5th Birthday and what better way to celebrate than a blog post in her honour! (Of course, she will be getting totally spoiled by me later too!)

Here are some photos of Roxy when I’d just bought her home for the first night with me…

And some more recent ones…

I could write a huge, long post about how brilliant she is but I know she won’t read it but she is my most loyal companion and there through everything with me and I don’t know what I would do without her.

Fun Fact: Roxy’s full name is Roxanne Rhianwen Puppercakes.  She is named after Roxy Mitchell, a character in the soap Eastenders, and her middle name is Welsh and means White Maiden.

Happy Birthday Roxy!!!!

Some of you may have noticed the appearance of a little fuzzy head in some of the photos I have shared on this blog, and today, that little fuzzy head turned 4!

I’ve had Roxy in my life since she was a teeny tiny pup and in that time we have been on many adventures together – camping, festivals, long walks where we get lost in nature and the biggest so far – moving to my own home, just me and her.  She’s my shadow, always beside me wherever I go, whether its laying on the bathroom mat while I have a bath, cuddling up to me on the sofa when I want to read or watch tv, sitting in the kitchen while I cook and clean, she is always there.

She’s funny and sweet, understands more than she lets on, she listens and talks back in that way only dogs and their owners would understand and she brings me so much joy every day.  So today, Roxanne, I’m celebrating you and how wonderful you are!  Happy Birthday Puper!