In Case You Missed…

Incase you Missed....png

I’m adding a new section to my blog called “In case you missed…” where I will be sharing some of my blog posts from the past month that you may have missed, that I have had fun writing or are of an interesting topic!  Here are my picks for “In case you missed”!

  • What Is A Blogger?  I wrote this as I was forever being asked what a blogger is and what they do and this post sums it all up pretty well I think!
  • Blog Maintainance – Routine Checks  Blogging is not always about taking photos and writing posts for the web, there are other things that need to be done in order to have a functioning blog ad this post sheds some light on what I do when I say I’m “working on my blog”.
  • A Day In My Life  I have a pretty varied different set of lives depending on the day – Monday to Friday I work full time but my weekends are geared towards me and things I want/need to do.  This post is how I spend a typical weekend day.
  • Product Empties  I’m trying to cut down on the number of products that I own and have placed myself on a no spend on products ban until I have used up all that I own.  I thought it would be fun to a post about the empties I have and review them.
  • Blog Bullet Journal  I am really pleased with my new best friend for blogging and thought I would share with you my bullet journal and layout for May.
  • 300 Followers  I hit another milestone on my blog so am hosting a little link share party over on this post!  Come join in!!!