New Blog Series – Words on Wednesday


I am always thinking about things; ideas that I have, thoughts, conversations, comments, opinions, annoyances, observations, the list goes on…,  and sometimes I think that I would like to share these things over my blog, but never really do as they either don’t fit into any of my blog categories, are something that is pretty current and my schedule is full or they are things that don’t warrant a full blog post dedicated to them.  This is where my new series, Words on Wednesday will fit.  Each Wednesday there will be a post called “Words on Wednesday” which will be a post about, well, anything, I am letting myself be led by my thoughts and see what happens when I have a free thinking space in which to air my views, thoughts, and goodness knows what else that may flow from my brain to my fingertips and onto this screen…we shall see what happens and where this takes me!

So, if you are interested, Words on Wednesday will be starting here on Wednesday next week!