My New Bag(s)

I wrote, last month, about My Quest for the Perfect Bag and it seems that, like busses, 2 always seem to arrive at once!  Yep, I now have 2 bags that are pretty perfect for what I wanted!

The first bag I bought in TKMaxx.


It is by Pierre Cardin and is a lovely pewter shade.  It has a metallic finish but isn’t particularly shiny due to its textured, faux leather finish, and looks really classy.  There is minimal branding, just a tiny metal “Pierre Cardin” signature logo on the front, top centre, though the bag could be worn so the branding isn’t showing. There are 3 main pockets, the 2 outer ones have no inner pockets or zipped compartments but the centre one has a zipped pocket and 2 small open pockets.  This bag has a strap that is half chain and half material the same as the bag, the chain parts attach to the bag and the material part is designed to go over the shoulder.

Things I like about this bag.

  • The zip pulls.  The tabs to the zips have been made from the same material as the bag so match in really nicely and I love that they are really long and easy to get hold of.
  • 3 big compartments.  I can fit my Filofax into the middle one and other bits into each side.
  • The silver, metal zips.  They look really nice against the pewter finish of the bag and open and close relatively easily where some metal zips stick.
  • The material.  It is a faux leather and looks to be quite hard wearing which is perfect for me who puts a bag through its paces!

Not so good things about the bag.

  • The jump rings holding the chain broke almost straight away.  The bag wasn’t full or heavy but the jump rings gave way on my way from the car to the supermarket – not ideal.  I have fixed them with keyring hoops.
  • The metal chain can catch on certain fabrics, like knitwear and also has caught my hair a few times, tough I guess this is the nature of a chain.
  • The bag is slightly too small for all my things that I need for work.  I sort of wish I had taken all the things I normally carry with me and tried them all in the bag before I bought it.  Though, this bag is definitely one that I will be using regularly, both for work and when I’m going out somewhere as it looks really nice and will go with all my outfits!

The second bag I bought is from Artsac.


This bag is by a company called Artsac, I had one of these when I was in uni and I loved it.  To be honest though, I had forgotten all about the brand but re-discovered them when browsing multi-pocket bags online.  When I saw that there was a sale on I jumped at the chance to buy one as I knew, from previously owning one, how durable and tough they are.  I was torn between buying a red one, a pink one or one of their colour block ones, but decided on this lovely blue colour.  The bag is nylon (I know…I did say that I didn’t really want a nylon bag…) but has so many pockets for all my bits and bobs and is big enough to carry all my things that I decided to break a rule to accommodate this purchase.  And I’m so pleased I did.  The strap is really wide, in a woven heavy-duty fabric, there are 2 big main zip compartments, both big enough to fit my Filofax, kindle, notebook and pencil-case in, one of these compartments has 2 slip pockets and the other has a small zip pocket inside.  There is a big zip section on the outside back of the bag which will hold notes and letters, 2 pockets in the flap of the bag, under which, there is another zipped pocket which will fit my keys, purse, phone and lip gloss.  This will be my main bag for taking everywhere as it is really light, due to the fabric it is made of, and it is perfect for my style which is both bright and more on the casual side!

Things I like about this bag.

  • The pockets and compartments – they are the perfect size, and amount for all my things!
  • The colour which is brilliant for my style and what I was looking for.
  • The style of the bag.  As it is a cross body bag it means I will be able to have it hooked on one shoulder or across my body when shopping.

Not so good things about the bag.

  • Its nylon.  I know I had a bag from Artsac before and it worked really well and was really hard-wearing but I’m a bit worried about how this one is going to last and how quickly it shows signs of wear…still, that’s a worry and nothing to do with the bag at the moment.
  • No corner or base protection.  I would have liked to see some kind of protectors on the corners of the bag as I think they will wear the quickest.  And the addition of studs to the bottom would have given extra protection.  That said, I tend to keep my bag on carpeted floor or hanging from the back of chairs anyway.

Which of my bags do you like the most?  And what are your favorite bags?  Do you have any links for ones that you can share in the comments?