Saturday Shout Out – Mental Health @ Home

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Today’s Shout Out goes to Ashley who runs the blog – Mental Health @ Home which has been running since October 2017.

Mental Health @ Home is a blog about mental health predominantly with a few other odds and ends thrown in.  I really like how down to earth and friendly Ashley’s blog is and how it helps to open up conversations surrounding really difficult topics relating to mental health and the challenges faced by people who experience mental health problems in day to day life.

Ashley chose the following posts to share in response to the question I asked about favorite posts

which was chosen because it is a topic that doesn’t get talked about very often.

The post itself isn’t what I like; this was a call-out for input for an article I was working on. It was the comments that were left that made it really special for me.

This is actually a directory page rather than a post. I’m really happy with how this series has been going and it’s been great to have so many bloggers participate.

This was based on ideas in a book that I really liked called The Stigma Effect.

Some people say happiness is a choice. I disagree.

I have 5 guinea pigs named Cookie, Oreo, Casper, Peanut, and Butternut. They love celery and they go wild when they hear the fridge crisper drawer opening. – Ashley’s Fun Fact

You can find Ashley over on

Please check out the links and go give Ashley’s blog a read!