Saturday Shout Out

There won’t be a Saturday Shout Out this week, or for the next few weeks as I haven’t had any interest in people taking the available slots that I have.  I am hoping that this is down to the fact that it is summer and people are busy enjoying the weather and their holidays!

I will still be advertising for Saturday Shout Out participants, so if you or anyone you know may be interested either direct them to my email ( or leave me a comment and I can get a questionnaire sent out to you!

Anyway, what are your plans for today?  I am currently working on a few ideas that I have for this blog and a “secret” project which I should be revealing soon!!!  Talking of my “secret” project…I will be looking for a few people to help me with some market testing, there won’t be any monetary pay involved but I can offer you a freebie…Intrigued, interested or just willing to take part?  Please email me ( with the heading Secret Project!