J is for Jewellery


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Today’s post for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge is the letter J, the topic I have selected to write about is Jewellery.

I own a LOT of jewellery; from watches, bracelets, bangles, rings, necklaces, earrings, ear cuffs, anklets, toe rings and other body jewellery.  I have jewellery made from beads – wood, glass, plastic and shell, feathered jewellery, jewellery made with shells, sparkly jewellery, big statement pieces and simple, silver pieces.  Some of it gets worn daily and other pieces I dust off for special occasions.  Today I am going to go through how I wear some of it and what sort of things I wear those pieces with.

Simple jewellery I class as fairly plain pieces, such as fine silver chains with a small pendant on, plain bracelets, and elegant rings get chosen for occasions where I would be dressing more formally, such as interviews, black tie events, or where I would be wearing an outfit that is dressy.  I like to wear a necklace with a single pendant on it, small stud or hoop earrings and a single ring.  I wear my watch and a single bracelet or cuff on the opposite wrist to my watch.

For day wear I will wear a few necklaces layered up – a choker style, a chunky pendant and my favourite silver chain, a few bracelets and my favourite rings.  This look seems to work well with most of my clothing.

For a party or other event where there isn’t a formal dress code I choose my jewellery depending on what I am wearing.  If it is summer and I am wearing a maxi dress and sandals I often reach for more eccentric jewellery – a shell choker, something feathered or tasselled and throw on a heap of casual beaded bracelets.  I choose bright earrings to complement or contrast with my clothing or makeup and make sure that they are fun and casual.

If I wear a v neck top that is plain then I layer my necklaces and will choose a longer necklace style that reaches past the v of my top.

For a plain top I will choose a bright necklace in a contrasting colour or something sparkly that will catch the eye and add interest to my outfit.

If my outfit has pattern or detail around the neckline or all over then I go for something that is more plain or a beaded style that complements the colours of the top.  Often I will choose earrings and bracelets in similar tones to the necklace.

If I choose a t-shirt or round neck top then I like to layer necklaces and play around with different textures, layering beads with chains and cord styles.

In winter when it’s all about thick jumpers and being cosy I like to wear more chunky jewellery with neutral tones.  I like to wear a short necklace over a polo top, under a v neck jumper; this can help to break up block colours and adds a bit of fun to a plain outfit.

I have spoken a bit about earrings and I have a few rules about which earrings to select.  I have 3 piercings on each ear and wear a pair of studs in 2 sets of holes and the other ones I change depending on what I a doing or where I am going.  I wear studs or plain, small hoops for any formal events and for any other occasion I will either match my earrings to similar tones or colours in either the outfit or to together jewellery that I am wearing.

I have my lip pierced and I always wear a ball stud in it.  I did wear a hoop of a bit but I found that I was forever clipping it with my tooth which wasn’t ideal.  I also have my nose pierced and mostly wear a fine silver hoop in it.

I love to wear ankle bracelets; I have a dainty silver chain with a heart on it that I wear most of the time though in the summer I will wear a woven, friendship band style bracelet and if I am wearing flip flops or thonged sandals I like to wear a toe ring on each foot.

Whatever jewellery you choose to wear, have fun with it and let it complement your outfit!

What sort of jewellery do you wear?  Do you have any styling tips?