Earth Day

Earth Day is fast approaching and takes place on 22nd April.  This day sees people taking part in all sorts of activities that aim to spread awareness, start a movement to get things done, and take action against things that are harming our planet or that will help species to survive.

Many people will start or sign petitions, others will hold a local area clean up day, some will hand out leaflets about how we can take steps to help the bees, some organisations will help promote green living, reduce plastic, educate on things we can re-use or recycle.

This day is a day to take steps to help our planet.  I intend to take a bag out with me and pick up any litter I see, brin it home and re-cycle it or dispose of it in the proper manner.  If we all did this on a day to day basis there would be less litter getting into our sewers and waterways, less then making its way to the sea, and there would be less damage being done to the eco-system, fewer animals being killed by our selfish, lazy ways and our streets would be cleaner environments for us to live in too.

What will you do this Earth Day?