Top 10 Blog Post Ideas


Every now and again we bloggers can run out of content ideas which can be really frustrating when we want to keep to a blogging schedule and get content out there for our audience to read.  When this happens, I turn to my list of blog post ideas which can help to get the creativity flowing again.  Here’s my Top 10 Blog Post Ideas.

  1. Review post.  Used a new product, read a new book, listened to a new album, tried a new restaurant?  Write a blog post about it, these types of post are always really interesting to read and will give your audience ideas of things they may want to check out.
  2. Recipe.  I love to find new recipes to try out or even read peoples own take on a recipe.
  3. How To.  How-to posts are really useful, not only for your audience but for your own reference too.  You could write a DIY how-to, a gaming how-to, gardening…the list is pretty much endless!
  4. Goals.  Goals are really interesting and can be really motivational too.  No matter whether you write a post about the goals you wish to achieve in a day, week or year I always find that I am more likely to achieve the things I post about as it keeps me accountable.  I also get inspired as a reader when I see other people’s goals.
  5. Something fun you have done.  If you have had fun doing something, whether it is a games night, a party or event you attended, to a night out or a trip to the beach or museum, why not write about it, from what you did, what you ate to how you travelled there?
  6. Photo post.  I love seeing peoples photos, whether it is a collated post of flower photos, home, products, scenery, there are so many different things you can take photos of that would be interesting for your readers to see.
  7. List-post.  I love reading list posts, whether it is a list of things you need to buy, to tips, experiences, outfits, accessories, lists can be utilised in so many different ways and contain a plethora of information.
  8. What you wore to…Outfit posts are one of my favourite kinds of posts to search for, especially when I have an event or occasion coming up and have no idea of what to wear, I love to see how people put together outfits and how they style their clothing.
  9. Things to do.  You could write a post about things to do in your area, on a night out, with the kids, in the winter, people are always looking for inspiration for ways to chase away the boredom, and this sort of post really helps with that!
  10. A project you are working on.  Sharing a project you are working on can be a bit scary the first time but you can get some really helpful and lovely comments from your readers, along with help, tips and advice, and also gives you motivation to continue with the project, it can also help inspire others to try their hand at a project they want to start.

What are your favourite blog post ideas?  Let me know in the comments!