How To Achieve Anything

How to Achieve Anything.png

You have all heard the saying “You can achieve anything if you work hard enough”, and it is true.  If you want to achieve something then you will find a way.  Nothing is truly impossible or too hard if you can plan for it.  I use a method which works for me, I am very visual and tend to work better when I make lists and diagrams and have charts to refer to and today I am going to share my method of achieving anything I want.

  1. Write down what it is that you want to achieve, whether it be cleaning the house top to bottom or writing a dissertation.  Make this the centre title of your page.
  2. Surround this “title” with all the things you will need in order to achieve this goal.  For example – if you want to clean the house you might write things like “dusters, hoover, mop, anti-bac spray, bleach” if it were your dissertation you may want to write titles of books to read, topics to research, stationery supplies you may require.  Anything can go in this word cloud, if it makes sense to you, write it down.
  3. Now we need to look at steps involved in achieving the goal, for a clean house this would be something like 1) Sweep floor, 2) hoover, 3) mop.  For writing a dissertation you may want to make a list of similar steps such as 1) Decide on the dissertation topic, 2) Research by reading x,y z books or reading online articles, 3) Make notes, 4) decide on cohesive chapters for dissertation, 5) Research x,y,z topics.
  4. When is the goal to be achieved by?  Once you have pinpointed when the completion date is, you can then start to look at breaking down your steps in the above section, and assign them their own mini completion time.
  5. Is there anything you need to take into consideration with achieving your goal?  If you need a friend’s help for example, or if you need to brush up on a skill or learn something new then factor this into your goal timescale and make these things a priority.
  6. Work on your goal by achieving each step within your set timescale.  I find working on things, especially bigger projects, little and often is better than trying to achieve the goal in a short period of time.

I know that these steps won’t work for everyone but the basics will,

  • Know your goal.
  • Know your timescale.
  • Know what you need.
  • Know your steps.
  • Focus and  little by little your goal will become closeer and more achievable.