Blogtober Review


It’s now the start of November and Blogtober is now over.  Today I am sharing my review of Blogtober.

When I decided to participate in the Blogtober Challenge I thought that I would be able to continue with my normal blogging schedule at the same time, after all, setting myself 3 questions to answer each day would be easy, or so I thought.

At first, answering the 3 questions, “What made me feel enthusiastic today? , What drained me of energy? and What did I learn about myself today?” was fairly easy but as the month went on I really had to dig deep at times to find the answers.  Some days had been pretty mundane and I found it hard to find even one single thing that piqued my enthusiasm, other days it felt like everything drained me of energy and there were occasions where I had to really sit and go through my day to find something I had learned about myself.  It was pretty tough going at times.

While I managed to keep up with Blogtober I did find it hard to write any of my normal blog posts and have a few that I will be sharing through November that I had planned (but never written) for October.  It was hard, after sitting and really examining my day, to find enough mojo to write anything else.

I also started Inktober, approaching it with a logo/graphic design/sketch slant and managed to get just over halfway with that.  I am aiming to complete at least the sketch part by mid-November and then spend some time creating the digital versions.  Hopefully, I will be sharing the sketches soon!

I really enjoyed this Blogtober Challenge that I set myself and think I have learned a lot about myself along the way.  My plan now is to analyse the answers that I gave and come up with some facts and figures to see if there are any changes I can make in my life to bring more enthusiasm in and less of the draining things.

Did you take part in any October challenges?  How did they go?  I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

The Results Are In!!!

I used a random number generator to draw the winner of my Blog Bullet Journal giveaway!!! The lucky winner is Willow! 🙂  I will leave you a comment on your blog but if you see this first, please message me with your address!  My email is

Thank you to everyone who participated, it was so much fun!  I shall be running more giveaways in the future so keep checking back!

Blogtober 16th


Its the 16th of October which means it is also the sixteenth day of Blogtober! Today I am answering my questions based on 15th October.

  • What made me feel enthusiastic today?

After a pretty crappy day in work, I didn’t feel particularly enthusiastic about anything much until my lovely neighbour popped in.  We had a cuppa and a chat then I went round to hers for a cuppa.  She was showing me the craft things that she had been doing and ideas that she had I started to feel more enthusiastic about my crafting plans.  It’s funny how listening to someone else’s enthusiasm can spark off your own.  I spent the rest of my evening doing some research and sketches for the logo competition that work is running.

  • What drained me of energy?

Work drained me of energy.  I spent much of my day feeling pretty annoyed, angry and upset by certain events that happened in work today and was glad when 5pm rolled around so I could get out of there.

  • What did I learn about myself today?

Today I learned that I really need to surround myself with more positivity and positive people who have similar interests to me and that maybe it is time for a change of scenery where employment is concerned.

Birthday Giveaway! Only A Few Days Left to Enter!!!!

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Blog header

As it is my blog birthday today I wanted to do something to celebrate!  I decided to host a giveaway for you all!

I am giving you the chance to win a blog bullet journal that will be designed by me!  I managed to get my hands on a lovely dot grid journal which is the same as the one I will be using for my blog things next year…

It is silver holographic and has 192 pages of 80gsm paper.  The layouts inside will be for the full year, there will also be pages for relevant hashtags, goals, stats, pages or blog post ideas, schedule calendar and other useful pages!

To be in with a chance to win all you need to do is number off in the comments, please check the comment prior to yours and then comment with the next number up from that!

  • The giveaway is open to everyone.
  • The giveaway is open from 29th September to 16th October.
  • There will be 1 winner (I will use a random number generator to draw the winner.)
  • Winner will be announced on 17th October on the blog.
  • One entry per person.
  • I will post out the journal in November.

Good Luck everyone!!!!

Blogtober 8th


Its the 8th of October which means it is the eighth day of Blogtober!  Today I am answering my questions based on 7th October.

  • What made me feel enthusiastic today?

I have a few ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for some time and today I decided to see if they would work.  So far so good and I’m happy with the results!

  • What drained me of energy?

My physio appointment really drained me.  I was really anxious before I went because, although I know the hospital, I was really unsure of where I needed to go.  I worried that I would be late for my appointment and then worried about what the appointment would entail.  I had to move my arm around and the physio assessed it, then I had to lay face down while my back was worked on (pressure was applied to my spine in several places and it clicked a ton of times).  I then got sent to have an X-ray and have to go back next week.

What did I learn about myself today?

Sometimes, I really need to trust myself and worry less, I had a vague idea of where I needed to go and living 5 minutes from the hospital meant that I wouldn’t be late unless I left the house late.

How is everyone’s Blogtober going?  I will be attempting to collate a list of Blogtober participants to share shortly, so please let me know (and leave me a link to your blog) in the comments!

A Year In Statistics

Untitled design(6)

I thought it would be interesting to share my blog statistics from when I started my blog to the day of its first birthday as a way to record them and use them as a basis for next years statistics.

I know that statistics can be a weird one when it comes to blogging, some people can see them as being a mark of failure or success, and while I have been aware of my blog’s statistics and been interested to see the highs and lows of the numbers, I have not been too hung up on them overall.  I have learned that readers will come and go, as will comments and likes and it is not really a reflection of you, the blogger, its a reflection of your audience.  Sometimes your views, likes and comments may be low but this isn’t necessarily a reflection of you, it could be that your audience is busy with their own life events.

Anyway, onto my blog statistics from the day I started blogging to 28th September 2019 when my blog turned 1!

Blog launched – 28/09/2018


  • First post published – 16/09/2018 (I backdated the first few posts)
  • First like on a post – 24/10/2019
  • Posts published before my first like – 12
  • First comment – 12/12/2019
  • Posts published before my first comment – 31
  • First Follow – 21/11/2018

Followers Milestones

  • First 100 follows – 02/02/2019
  • 200 follows – 29/03/2019
  • 300 follows – 29/05/2019
  • 400 follows – 18/07/2019
  • 500 follows – 11/09/2019

Blog Schedule

  • Posting schedule when I started – Tuesday & Friday
  • Moved to Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday in December 2018
  • First Blog Challenge – April A-Z Challenge 2019

Stats Now

  • Total Views – 14700
  • Visitors – 10022
  • Likes – 5585
  • Comments – 2248
  • Followers – 532
  • Posts – 353

Daily Averages

  • Views – 40
  • Visitors – 27
  • Likes – 15
  • Comments – 6
  • Followers – 1

Blogtober 4th


Its the 4th of October which means it is the fourth day of Blogtober!  Today I am answering my questions based on 3rd October.

  • What made me feel enthusiastic today?

The thought of being able to come home at the end of the day has made me feel enthusiastic today!  I got to spend some time with my friend after work and have a lovely catch up.

  • What drained me of energy?

The thing that drained me of energy today was spending too much time playing games on my phone.  I felt a little glued to it which was fun at the time but has made me feel pretty low on energy.

  • What did I learn about myself today?

Sometimes, what can be fun at the time can also be detrimental to me in the long run.  I need to learn a bit of self-control when it comes to some things.

Blogtober 3rd


Yesterday I started my questions for Blogtober, today’s answers will be based on my day yesterday (the 2nd October).

  • What made me feel enthusiastic today?

Starting Inktober has got me feeling enthusiastic.  I am working with the Inktober prompts but instead of using ink I am making several small scale sketches each day with the idea of them being logos.  Yesterday’s prompt was really easy but today was a bit harder and I loved getting back into thinking visually and playing around with ideas.

  • What drained me of energy?

Not having much to do in work today really drained my energy levels.  We have come to the end of the payment cycle where everything has been processed for payment and there isn’t much for us to do for a few days aside from filing and odd bits and pieces which don’t take very long.  I always feel that I should be seen to be doing something though which is hard work.

  • What did I learn about myself today?

I learned that I can have several different takes on an idea, especially when it comes to drawing and it is fun to sit and sketch out ideas as they form in my head.  Sometimes the first idea is a bit pants but if you give yourself thinking time, permission to make mistakes and space to play around with concepts, usually something good can come from it.

Top 10 Ways to Spend Time


I love having a bit of spare time in my week and try to schedule in a few hours here and there where I have nothing planned.  Today’s Top 10 Thursday post is a list of ways I like to spend that spare time.

  • Reading –  whether it is a book, blog posts or a magazine, there is nothing better than losing yourself in words for an hour or so.
  • Blogging – I can spend so much time on my blog, from writing and scheduling posts to developing ideas and networking, it is one of my favourite hobbies.
  • Learning – I love to learn new skills, whether it is something crafty, a new recipe, something tech-related or building on skills that I already have, this is something that is really useful as well as being a good way to spend free time.
  • Gaming – I am not a huge gamer but I do have a few apps on my phone which I like to play every now and again.  I also have an original Playstation that I dust off once in a while.
  • Designing – I love to sit with my laptop and play around with ideas and designs for logos and graphics.
  • Watch a film – I don’t watch a lot of tv, when it is on it is usually for background noise rather than to actively watch it.  I do like to watch a film though, my phone goes into silent mode and I can spend a few undistracted hours lost in the film plot.
  • Sleeping – I don’t always get a good night sleep, partly because I have bouts of awful insomnia and partly, most recently, because of damaging my rotator cuff muscles, so sleep is a perfect way to spend time at the moment.
  • Gardening – I love pottering about in the garden when the weather allows it and there is always something to do out there.  I love how being out in the open, working away, can make you feel more positive and rejuvenated.
  • DIY – There is always some small, niggly job that needs doing, and with the help of YouTube and other sites giving advice, help and how-to’s much DIY can be carried out by yourself.  I love spending time fixing things and other DIY activities as I fell pretty proud of myself once I have completed them!  Plus I get to learn something new along the way!
  • Mindfulness – I always try to factor in at least half an hour each day for mindfulness practice but having more time means that I can spend longer on this.  There are so many positive outcomes of practising mindfulness that I find it the most beneficial use of my time.

How do you like to spend your time?  Let me know the comments!