Mystery Blogger Award

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What is the Mystery Blogger Award?

Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.
– Okoto Enigma

The Rules of the Mystery Blogger Award

  • Put the award logo/image on your blog
  • List the rules
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • Nominate your favourite bloggers (*I changed this from 10 – 20 people…)
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  • Share a link to your best post(s)

My Award

I was gifted this award by Mel who blogs over at Decor Craft Designs.  Mel’s blog is chock a block full of crafty ideas and inspiration for fun projects, if you haven’t visited her blog then head over and take a look!

I love these awards as they give me an opportunity to share snippets about myself with you guys and also to ask some questions of my own!  I am really touched that Mel has gifted me the Mystery Bloggers award and that she thinks my posts are ingenious, my blog captivates, inspires and motivates!  Thank you so much, Mel, for the Award!

Three Things About Myself

  • I’ve recently gotten into gardening and have loads of ideas and plans for my garden!  I’m excited to see how they all come together!
  • I used to love a night out on the town, coming home in the early hours and not going to bed until the morning but now that is my worst idea of fun!
  • I’m forever thinking of things to do and my list seems to be getting longer and longer!  I am blaming Pinterest for this as I get inspired by so many things on there.

Mels questions

  • Do you have a kid’s toy you still love to play?

I have a lot of my old toys from when I was a kid but I don’t play with them anymore, they serve more as being ornaments now than toys.  I do still have my watercolour paint set from when Iw as a kid and still play around with that though!

  • What is your best character?

My best character would have to be Eeyore, even though he is pretty sad much of the time he always is included in what his friends are doing.

  • Which city/country you can’t wait to re-visit?

London!  My brother and his wife along with their children live there and whenever I visit they take me out to visit lots of different places!  London is such a fab city and there is so much to do and so much history there!

  • What part of your home that you’ve been dying to renovate?

At present, my garden, though I am working on that!  The other place I’m dying to renovate is my spare room though I am still undecided on what colour to paint it or what to do with it.

  • What junk food do you love so much?

Crisps and ice cream, though not both together!

My Questions

  • What is your favourite colour and why?
  • What one thing do you wish you had known before you started your blog?
  • What is your favourite time of the day?
  • If you could do anything for a day, what would it be?
  • What is your most favourite uncool clothing item?

My Favourite Blog Posts

My nominees

Thank you again, Mel, for nominating me a Mystery Blogger Award! Hope you like my answers and my best posts!

For those who are nominated, I hope you read your nomination and accept it, congratulations!


Saturday Shout Out – Lylia Rose

Shout Out to Lylia Rose!!!

Lylia Rose is a blog run by Victoria and is a new to me blogger who responded to my Saturday Shout Out ad.

Victoria currently has three blogs!

Lylia Rose a blog about money and lifestyle.

Healthy Vix which is about health and wellbeing.

Travel Vixta which focuses on travel, days out, campervan holidays and adventures.

Victoria has been blogging at Lylia Rose since April 2013, so just over six years and has since set up two more blogs so she can be more niche focussed on each one.

I set up Healthy Vix in January 2018, so it’s almost a year and a half old.

My newest blog is Travel Vixta which I only started in November 2018 so it’s my baby at six months old!

Lylia Rose is a lifestyle blog with a money angle. I used to post about a lot of different topics on Lylia Rose, but since 2018 I have decided to focus on money related posts. It still covers a variety of topics such as being self-employed, blogging for money, how to make money from home, side hustles, saving money and running a home based business.

I am very passionate about healthy living and I regularly go to the gym, eat a plant-based diet only and love natural beauty. I set up my second blog Healthy Vix to focus on all things healthy from a vegan diet to natural, eco-friendly living tips.

My final blog is Travel Vixta. I did originally post all my travel content and reviews on Lylia Rose, but I decided it would be better to have it all in one place so my third blog covers all our family travel, days out and campervan adventures, as well as travel tips and advice.

Here are some of Victoria’s favourite posts that she has written

Me and my blogs are that they are my job! I am a full-time blogger and manage to make an income from blogging every month. I was able to turn my hobby into a business which always amazes me.


You can find Victoria sharing her latest posts on Twitter and Pinterest, as well as have a sneak peek into her life and interests on Instagram.


What Are Soapnuts?!

What Are(1)

I have been using Soapnuts for a while now and today I want to share with you just what they are!

I discovered soapnuts a few years back when I was looking for ways to be more eco-friendly, reduce the amount of plastic that I use and minimise the number of chemicals in my day to day life.

Soapnuts are not really nuts at all, they are berries that come from a species of shrub that is part of the Lychee family.  The shrub is called Sapindus and grows in several different places, namely Asia, both Northern and Southern.  The berries have high saponins which work as a detergent and have been used for many years in Asian countries.

Soapnuts can be used to clean a multitude of things, from surfaces, dishes, body and hair.

How I use Soapnuts.

I have been using soapnuts mainly to do my laundry and have replaced shop bought laundry detergent with soapnuts for pretty much all the washing that I now do.  I bought my soapnuts from here.  They came in a cloth bag, and the big draw for me was that there was 280 washes worth, they are compostable and are natural, no chemicals or other nasties that can work their way into our waterways.  They are really easy to use, just pop a few into a muslin bag and tie shut, place in with your laundry and set your machine for the regular cycle you would normally use.  Once the washing is done, dry in the normal way.

The nuts have no scent so I like to add a few drops of essential oil to the nuts before adding to the wash or I use a liquid, ecological conditioner (such as this Ecover one), though not having my clothes smell of anything does not bother me too much.  The soapnuts don’t leave your clothes smelling weird, they just don’t have any scent at all.  You can use the soapnuts two or three times before replacing.

Once the soapnuts have been used for laundry I like to collect them up, and when I have about 25 to 30 shells I place them into hot water and boil for 10 minutes.  I then use the water to rinse my hair or add to a bucket to mop over the floor.  The liquid can also be used to wash the dishes in or can be kept in a spray bottle and used for cleaning worktops.

The soapnuts don’t foam, which at first was really weird for me to get my head around after many years of being used to having soap suds being created when doing any type of cleaning.  It is hard to get your head around the idea that something that doesn’t foam can actually be effectively cleaning things.

I have found that soapnuts clean my laundry really well and lift out dirt and stains as well as regular, shop bought detergents, they don’t fade or discolour fabrics and seem to deal pretty well with things like deodorant build up too.

Have you tried soapnuts?  What are your thoughts about them?  Do you have any other uses for them?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Top 10 Beauty Products

add a t

Today’s Top 10 Thursday post is all about my favourite Beauty Products!

  • Moisturizer.  Nivea Soft has been one of my favourite moisturisers for the last few years.  I find that  little goes a long way!  After washing my face in the morning I apply this then leave it to sink into my skin while getting dressed.  By that time my face is lovely and soft and I am ready to start applying my makeup.
  • Primer.  Barry M Flawless Primer has been something I have bought and rebought several times now!  I find that for my skin, which is dry in places and oily in others, this works really well as a base for all my makeup.
  • Foundation.  I prefer cream foundations over liquid or powder because of my skin being so temperamental and have found GOSH Foundation Plus+ to work really well with my skin and stays looking fresh all day.
  • Concealer.  I am a huge fan of Maybelline Dream Brightening Creamy Concealer.  The product is in a twist up pencil style packaging which makes for easy application and the product works wonders on blemishes and under-eye shadows.
  • Blush/Highlighter.  Collection Highlight, Blush and Bronze kit has been one of my all-time favourite kits and I am nearing the end of my second pallet.  The bronze is matte which is perfect for contours, the blush is a pretty pink tone which works really well with my skin tone and the highlight is shimmery without being ott sparkly.
  • Brow Kit.  I have only just started to really do much with my brows aside from plucking them and having them shaped and I am currently loving Collection Incredibrow kit which contains 3 powders and clear brow mascara.  The kit also comes with a handy applicator brush and a small mirror on the packaging.
  • Eyeshadow.  I recently bought I Heart Revolution Fantasy Eyeshadow Kit in Unicorn which comprises 9 shadows in pinks, purples, silver and white.  The finishes are matte, shimmer and metallic.  It has been my go-to pallet since I bought it and I have been able to create so many different looks with all the shadows!
  • Eyeliner.  I usually use a felt pen style liner but recently I have been using I Heart Revolution Fantasy Eyeliner in black.  The long handle on the applicator helps when creating a fine line and flicks as it gives more control to your movements.
  • Mascara.  I am currently using MUA Eye Define Nourish and Care mascara which I am finding really lovely to use.  It doesn’t flake or smudge and really helps to define my eyes.
  • Brushes.  I have been a fan of Real Techniques brushes for a long time but recently I have found myself reaching, more and more, for my Eco Tools brushes.  I have been really liking how my eyeshadow and highlighter applies with the brushes I have of theirs.

In Case You Missed…

Incase you Missed....png

I’m adding a new section to my blog called “In case you missed…” where I will be sharing some of my blog posts from the past month that you may have missed, that I have had fun writing or are of an interesting topic!  Here are my picks for “In case you missed”!

  • What Is A Blogger?  I wrote this as I was forever being asked what a blogger is and what they do and this post sums it all up pretty well I think!
  • Blog Maintainance – Routine Checks  Blogging is not always about taking photos and writing posts for the web, there are other things that need to be done in order to have a functioning blog ad this post sheds some light on what I do when I say I’m “working on my blog”.
  • A Day In My Life  I have a pretty varied different set of lives depending on the day – Monday to Friday work full time but my weekends are geared towards me and things I want/need to do.  This post is how I spend a typical weekend day.
  • Product Empties  I’m trying to cut down on the number of products that I own and have placed myself on a no spend on products ban until I have used up all that I own.  I thought it would be fun to a post about the empties I have and review them.
  • Blog Bullet Journal  I am really pleased with my new best friend for blogging and thought I would share with you my bullet journal and layout for May.
  • 300 Followers  I hit another milestone on my blog so am hosting a little link share party over on this post!  Come join in!!!


Monthly Goals – June

Monthly Goals

I decided at the beginning of the year that I would not make any Resolutions or yearly goals but, rather, make monthly ones that were more easily obtainable, you can find all my Monthly Goal posts here.

Today I am looking at the goals I set myself last month and whether I achieved them and setting myself goals for June.

Here are last month’s goals and whether I managed them!

Blog and Social Media

  • Update Media Kit.  In all honesty, the only reason I did not get around to getting this done was that I totally forgot about it.  This coming month I am making this a priority and will get it done in the first week of June.
  • Check all backlinks, categories and tags.  I spent an afternoon and evening working on this and managed to check all the links in all my blog posts as well as the categories and tags too!  I am quite pleased with how little time it took up as I had expected it to take a lot longer!
  • Work on Blog Awards.  I managed this!!!  I got all outstanding awards out of the way that were pending!  I really like recieveing awards and reading others responses to the questions asked!
  • I’m thinking of introducing a few new elements to my blog so I want to work on graphics for these things and introduction posts for them.  I managed this!  I introduced Saturday Shoutout’s and Weekly Roundup’s too!


  • Paint the spare room.  Another month where I have not got around to this.  I thought I was decided on a colour then, at the last minute, I hesitated and decided that I would wait a while longer until I am 100% sure of the colour I want to use before I go out and buy the paint.
  • Wash all bedding and towels.  I had a full day of washing in May and got all the bedding and towels done!  I even got the sofa covers, cushion covers and blankets washed too!  My house looked like a laundrette but smelled amazing!
  • Sort clothing.  This was a half/half…I sorted the clothes in my wardrobe and packed away my winter clothes but the shelving which holds all my tops and jumpers has yet to be started.  I couldn’t decide how I wanted to store my clothes which was a bit of a hindrance to my progress.

Arts, Crafts, Hobbies, and Interests

  • Plant up peas and beans.  I decided against planting the seeds out as the rain has been pretty heavy so this task has been added to my June Goals.
  • Plant out Rhubarb, Gooseberry and HydrangaI got these planted out in mid May and, despite my concerns of the hydranga and gooseberry bushes being pot bound, both are looking so much healthier and are flourishing in the bed where I planted them!
  • Set up Bullet Journal for June.  This is one goal that I got a bit over enthusiastic with and now, not only have I got June set up but I have a complete journal done for the rest of 2019!  And I don’t know if I should admit this, but I have also got part of 2020 set up in another journal that I bought in TKMaxx recently too….


  • Read a book.  I can tick this off!  I have read the whole of the Mandasue Heller Two Faced book that I picked up in May!  I really enjoyed it!
  • Give myself a manicure and pedicure.  Another half completed goal!  I gave myself a manicure and painted my nails with Leighton Denny Grey Radiance polish.  I have yet to give myself a pedicure and for this I am blaming the weather!  Because of the rain and showers we have been having I have not even considered wearing my sandals yet, but this month I am determined to get my feet looking pretty and into sandals so a pedicure would be the perfect pamper to get my feet summer ready!
  • Work on my book.  While I have not been working on my book in any sort of routinely manner I have been making notes as and when and making progress each week and this is something I would like to continue into June.  Hopefully, by doing little and often, it will become a habit and I will be one step closer to completion!



Goals for June

Blog and Social Media

  • Update Media Kit.  I have no idea how many months I have been putting this on my Monthly Goals list, 2 maybe?  3?  I have no idea but it is getting tiresome to keep adding it each month so I really should get around to updating it soon.
  • Interact on Social Media Channels more.  While I have Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr, I very rarely find myself taking part in any conversations that are happening on there or leaving comments so this is something I want to start to work on this month!
  • Share more unique content on Social Media Channels.  I have been treating all of my social media channels in the same way, whether it be the direct sharing of my blog posts through wordpress or the same images that get shared from my instagram to my other channels and I have sort of had a bit of an epiphany so to speak, and I have come to the realisation that not all social media channels are born equal or work in the same way.  With this knowledge, I want to start to share different content over all of my social media and see what happens and which sort of posts people engage with better on each platform that I have an account with!
  • Advertise for Saturday Shoutout over all media channels in a better way.  This last Blog and Social Media goal links with the above and I think I need to start to utilise each platform in a better way to advertise my Saturday Shoutout feature.


  • Paint kitchen.  2 months now this has been lurking on my Goals list, and it still hasn’t been done yet.  And I have no excuses.  This month the painting will be defeated!
  • Sort shelves in bedroom wardrobe.  While I managed to get the wardrobe clothing sorted and my winter wear put away, the shelving is another matter…I still have winter jumpers and long sleeved t-shirts muddled in with my summer tops and tshirts and it is starting to annoy me!  I need to sort out a better way to store my t-shirts and vest tops than just folding and stacking so this is something I have already got time put aside to tackle!
  • Plan Barbecue for 1 year house anniversary.  I will have been in my house for 1 whole year on 26th June!!!  I didn’t have a house warming party but this year I am going to try and plan an Anniversary Barbecue for the weekend following the 26th!!!  Hopefully the weather will be good and my garden will be in a better state than it is right now!
  • Sand down pallets and decide whether to varnish, wax or cover them to make a bed base.  Last year I got given 4 pallets that I originally intended to make into garden furniture but have not yet done anything with.  I was in two minds about making them into garden furniture as I didn’t want them to stay out in all weathers and I had no where really to store them in the winter months so that plan went on hold.  Recently I have decided that I want to make them into a bed base but before I do that I need to decide how I am going to do that, there are so many different methods I could use so a bit of research and planning is needed first!

Arts, Crafts, Hobbies and Interests

  • Create a wildflower bed in garden.  I have wanted to make a wildflower bed for some time, but with the ground in my garden being somewhat unpredictable it has not been something that I have been able to achieve yet.  I am hoping that June will be the month that I finally get this underway!  I have the ideal spot where I want it to go, and I have an idea of how I want to execute it so all I really need to do now is to jump to it and start digging and sewing!
  • Plant peas and beans.  With the weather in May being a little unpredictable I have not planed the beans or peas yet.  We have had some really, super heavy downpours of rain and, in all honesty, I have been a bit relieved that I have not planted these out yet as I think that the rain would have battered the seedlings to shreds.  Now the weather is looking calmer I think it is time to get the seeds in!
  • Plant Sweet Peas.  I bought several varieties of Sweet Pea seeds at the end of May so I want to set them off to grow, I am unsure whether to plant the seeds directly in the soil or to propogate them and then plant the seedlings out when they have started to become strong enough plants.  If you have any advice let me know in the comments!!!!
  • Decide where to place rose and lavender and plant.  Another end of month buy that I purchased at the end of May.  I have a few ideas where I want to plant them so preparing the ground and planting them out is the next step!
  • Plan food and finalise activities for Crafternoon.  My next Crafternoon event is fast approaching and while the event itself may not be taking place until mid July I would like to have as much detail planned and finalised as possible so I know what I need to prepare for the day, what needs setting up and how the day will be planned.


  • Work on book notes.  While I have been working on my book notes on and off through May it has triggered some ideas that I had never even occurred to me or that I had even considered previously.  I would like to investigate these thoughts and then get them written down properly.
  • Read another book.  I have finished the Mandasue Heller book that I picked up from the book swap shelf in work and have picked up another book that caught my eye –  Frozen Grave by Lee Weeks which I am hoping to start and complete this month!
  • Meal plan for work lunches.  I have been taking sandwiches to work with me for lunch most days, on others I have been having leftovers but I want to create a meal plan that is a bit more interesting but easy to prepare and that travels well.  With summer here I would like to be eating a lot more fruits and salads than I do at present so this would be a great oppertunity to shake up my meals in the day!
  • Plan and pack for Bloggers Bash.  I have my travel sorted and have purchased my Bash ticket so all that I need to do is plan what I need to pack and then pack it all!  I am terrible for over packing and having a hugely heavy bag that I cart around with me so I want to take some time to properly prepare and work out what I need so that I can travel a bit lighter this time!
  • Work on ‘time’ schedule.  Now that I have a few new things going on blog wise I am finding that my original schedule of time is not sufficient enough so I need to re-think my time plan and schedule in more time for things like emails and social media to make my life a bit easier and keep on top of all things blog related!

That’s all my goals for the month! What goals do you have for June?  I’d love to hear what your plans and ideas are in the comments!

Saturday Shout Out


Saturday Shout Out gives you all a chance to meet some new bloggers, find new blogs to read or get your blog noticed a bit more.  It is my way of thanking the blogging community for being so supportive of me and my little blog and introducing new blogs that you may not have seen or read before.

What this means…

Every saturday I will choose one blog, share a bit about it along with your blog link.  I will also share your blog to my Instagram account and my Twitter account.

If you are interested in taking part then drop me an email to  with Saturday Shout Out as the subject line and I will send you a form to fill out!

Wanna Know You Better

Wanna Know You Better

Riya who blogs over at World Of My Thoughts tagged me in a “Wanna Know You Better” quiz that she is hosting over on her blog and I thought it would be fun to answer her questions!


  1. Title the blog post as “Wanna know you better!!” ( try to make your post pictorial as this will make it look interesting)
  2. Describe Riya’s blog and a put link to this post.
  3. Describe and thank the one who nominated you.
  4. Copy all the questions and answer them one by one.
  5. You may create your own questions for your targets (it will be fun)
  6. Pass the game as a challenge to any of your favourite bloggers and mention them in your post.
  7. Add a link of your post in the comment section below so that people may come to know about you, your blog and your fun. (in the comment section of Host’s post)
  8. State the steps.

Riya who blogs over at World Of My Thoughts is new to me blog.  I found her blog after she responded to my Saturday Shout Out blog post.  Riya writes some beautiful poetry and shares some really lovely quotes among other things!  Head over and check her blog out!

I am always interested in getting to know my fellow bloggers and sharing things about myself though sometimes these things don’t always seem worth writing a full blog post for so it’s questionnaires like these that I really like for sharing the small things about myself!  Thank you, Riya for nominating me to take part!


First, 10 briefly explain questions:

  • What really makes you angry?

I believe in treating everyone fairly, it doesn’t matter what you earn, what your job is or what your title may be, fairness is something that we should all live by so I get pretty angry when people are treated unfairly for any reason.

  • If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is a hard one as I tend to get bored with food things fairly quickly, however, I really enjoy toast with lime marmalade or marmite with a tomato and a coffee.

  • What is your biggest fear?

I have loads but my biggest is spiders.  I hate them.  I’m sure I have an inbuilt spider sensor as I can honestly tell when there is one in the room before it makes an appearance.  I have been known to phone my Mum to come and remove the offending creature for me as once I have seen a spider in the house I won’t enter that room until I know it has gone.

  • What has been your best moment this year?

I’ve had so many good moments this year and we are only just nearing the halfway point!  My best moments have to be hitting 300 followers on my blog which I am so amazed at!  And also learning that I love gardening and have been able to grow things!

  • If You Could Live Anywhere In The World For A Year, Where Would It Be?

I currently love where I live right now but the only thing I would change is that I’d like better weather!  If I could live anywhere though, I’d love to live on the coast and be able to wander down from my garden onto the beach every day!

  • How do you relieve stress?

I get stressed pretty easily and have to take medication for stress, anxiety and depression which helps, however, when I do start to feel my stress levels rise I practice mindfulness with the Calm app or Breathe on my Apple Watch.  If I am at home, sitting in silence and reading a good book can help too!

  • Would You Rather Go To Space Or To The Bottom Of The Ocean?

The bottom of the ocean!  I think there would be a lot more interesting animals and things to see in the depths of the sea than in space!

  • What’s your favourite season?

Each season holds a different love for me and I always look forward to the next one as the last starts to draw to a close but I’d have to say Spring and Autumn are my favourites.  Both are neither too hot or cold and both are the perfect times to wear layers and experiment with fashion a bit more.

  • What’re your favourite sports?

I’m not a very sporty person but when I was younger I was in several different sports groups at school –  cricket, basketball, netball and cross country running.  I did start running again but have recurring pain in my knee which has put a stop to that.  I’m not a fan of watching sport either.

  •  Did you like Riya’s blog?

I do 🙂

Now, 10 this or that questions:

What would you prefer?

  • Beach or mountains

Beach definitely, every time!

  • Ice cream or milkshakes

Icecream as you can always let it melt a bit to become milkshake!

  • New York or Paris

Paris, though I have never visited either!  Paris is closer to where I live and I’d love to go and see the museums there!

  • Ugly genius or Good looking stupid

Ugly genius!  I think too much emphasis is put on looks these days rather than intellect so I’d much rather be smart thinking than stupid!

  • Pizza or Burger

Pizza is one of my favourite food groups!!!  And you can mix and match your toppings to suit what you fancy so it can be different each time you have one!

  • Summer or Winter

Summer as I’m not the hugest fan of snow, being cold or rain.

  • City or Village

Village.  As much as I love going to the city (Cardiff, London, Bristol…) I’d much rather live in a quieter place and be able to travel into the city for day trips than live there 24/7.

  • Spring or Autumn

Hmmm… Autumn over Spring though I love each of them!  Autumn is when my Birthday is, and there is something magical about watching the leaves change colour, the scent of bonfires on the breeze and it’s when my hayfever seems to lessen.

  • Mathematics or Science

Science!  As it has got a bit of maths mixed with chemistry and physics thrown in!  it makes for a much more interesting subject than maths alone!

  • Train or Aeroplane

Train, though this is purely because I have never been on a plane.  And there is something romantic about the notion of taking a train somewhere…

Now, here are the friends whom I challenge to do this:

  1. Giggling Fattie
  2. Planet Simon
  3. A Guy Called Bloke
  4. Confusing Middle
  5. Therapy Bits
  6. Keep It Alive

For those who are not being mentioned above, you can also try the game with the same instructions. Feel free to enjoy this. But, make sure you mention me in your post, please

Weekly Roundup 26/05/19 – 01/06/19

Weekly Roundup 12_05_19 - 18_05_19(1)

  • Sunday 26/05/19

I woke up late today (around 11:30am).  I have been feeling really lethargic over the last few days and even though I had a nap in the afternoon yesterday I still felt really tired all afternoon.  I can’t decide if it is because my hayfever is playing up or not.  Maybe its just that my body needs a rest.  I woke up, came down and made a coffee, sat and read some blogs.  I’m off to my parents for dinner later, my brother, sister in law and the littles are down from London and I can’t wait to see them.  I called my Mum to find out what time I needed to be ready and head down for dinner.  I don’t need to be down to theirs until 5pm so I don’t need to get ready until 3:30pm so I used that time to plant some salad seeds.  I also planted some purple carrot seed too!  I haven’t really done much else but it has been a nice day so far!  I went to my parent’s house around 5pm yesterday, both my brothers were there as well as my sister in law and the littles.  We had food (salad, potatoes, quiche, olives, beetroot and other bits) which was really yummy!  We chatted for hours and I had lots of cuddles with the littles!  I got home around 10:30pm.

  • Monday 27/05/19

This morning I was awake really early, 6:30am, so decided to get up and have a coffee then go shopping for food.  I was in Asda for 8am!  I then nipped to Aldi and bought myself a French Lavender plant for the garden and some ice lolly molds.  I then made a trip to B&M to buy some compost.  While there I spotted some lovely looking rose plants so bought one for the garden (Rose Gaujard), looking at the label the flower should be a lovely pinky, yellow ombre with the pink colour being strongest at the tips and edges of the petal!  I hope it does flower!  I spent the evening working on my bullet journal and making notes about some ideas that I have for the blog.

  • Tuesday 28/05/19

Today I had annual leave from work.  I woke late, got up and had a coffee.  I started on some layout ideas for next years bullet journal.  I had a shower and then did some more work on my bullet journal.  Later in the afternoon, I popped to my neighbor’s house to deliver some parcels I had taken in for her and to collect a parcel that had been left there for me.   We had a lovely chat then my neighbor came around to mine to help me cut down the bushes that were growing from her garden into mine.  We also managed to secure the rose bush that had been blown from its holdings into my garden.  It was a lovely few hours spent chatting and working away side by side.  I have tomorrow off from work as an annual leave day too so I may go and do some more work in the garden then.  I treated myself to a bath and spent the evening working on content for my blog while watching Wine Country on Netflix.

  • Wednesday 29/05/19

I didn’t wake until past 11am, it’s another day of annual leave for me! I had planned on working on the garden as I wanted to dig out a flower bed and plant out my rose and lavender plants but, once I was dressed and making coffee I looked out of the window and was greeted with the sight of pouring rain! Roxy didn’t fancy going out so we spent the day pottering around in the house doing laundry and working on some blog plans and scheduling. In the evening my friend came round and we had some food before watching a few episodes of “The Society” on Netflix. We celebrated my blog hitting 300 followers and 200 blog posts with a bottle of wine which was nice!

  • Thursday 30/05/19

 Back in work today after 7 days off (including the weekend and bank hol) I didn’t sleep too well, kept waking up drenched in sweat… not nice. Work went ok, a bit slow but I made it to the end of the day! I got home, went in the garden with Roxy for a bit then decided to have an early night. I was soo tired. I climbed into bed around 8:45pm and was asleep not long after!

  • Friday 31/05/19

 As the saying goes “Thank fudgesticks it’s Friday”! I feel like I have worked a whole week and not 2 days! I am so looking forward to the weekend! Work was ok, I managed to clear my desk of work by 5:30pm, packed up and headed home. I decided to make the most of the evening and put my gardening gear on and went out with Roxy! I managed to dig the flowerbed that I wanted and move some stones to edge it. All that is needed now is to set the stones and plant the border! I might do this over the weekend though! I was out in the garden until gone 9pm! I had a shower and read some of my book (I decided to read Secret Diary of a Demented Housewife by Niamh Green) then went to bed around 11:30pm.

  • Saturday 01/06/19

Today I woke early, around 5:30am. I got up and spent some time cleaning the house and watering the plants. I then worked on some blog things before going out to my friends house. He is looking after Roxy’s nephew so wanted them to meet! Roxy has had a lovely, but tiring day, playing with Zeus in the sun!

How has your week been? What did you get up to? I’d love to hear so let me know in the comments!!