Motivation Monday


When was the last time you stopped and just enjoyed the moment?  This is something I ask myself on a fairly regular basis and is something that I am becoming more and more aware of especially as the daily pressures of living mean that we are often rushing from place to place and thing to thing, not really taking a moment to actually savour the moment.

When I did my mindfulness course this was something that I was taught and has helped me to control my stress and anxiety levels, just to stop what you are doing, even just for a minute, breathe deeply and just take a moment to appreciate the environment that you are in.  The brilliant thing about this is that it can be done anywhere – in the office, at home, travelling, literally anywhere.  Notice how you are breathing, what feelings your body is experiencing, the quality of the light, the sounds around you and just enjoy those things for a moment.

You can take longer than a moment if you are out walking then spend some time noticing all the little things you are enjoying, all the sensations you are experiencing, or if you are taking a break with a cup of coffee, just take time to notice all the little things about it.

when was the last time you took time to enjoy the moment?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

One thought on “Motivation Monday

  1. Walking in the country park more often now during lockdown. A one off sunset visit to the beach before I left The Gambia in mid March 2020.

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