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It’s another Surprise Saturday and I’m really surprised about a few things, number one being that it is the last Saturday before Christmas and the second, that I am pretty much ready for the day itself!

I got the last of my gifts purchased and am waiting on delivery so I can get them wrapped, the cards are written (the few that I send) and waiting to be hand-delivered, all of the decorations are up and, yesterday, I had my first Christmas Celebration with my friend who is going to be away over Christmas visiting family!

I had a really nice day yesterday, my car passed its MOT so I collected it in the morning and then went to get some food for dinner.  It is a bit of a tradition now that my friend and I have our Christmas before he goes away.  We spent the day preparing dinner, talking, playing games (mainly Dobble), setting up my Wii, watching Christmas films and eating lots of lovely food!

I prepared prawn cocktail for starters then had a roast dinner before tucking into a dessert of cherry pie and ice cream.  The main course consisted of mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, roast carrot and parsnip, cauliflower, sprouts and a Quorn Roast.  It really was the best day!

How are your plans coming along?  Have you had any Christmas celebrations yet?  Let me know in the comments about what you have been up to, I’d really love to hear about it!

7 thoughts on “Blogmas – Surprise Saturday

  1. Wow this sounds like fun already!! I’ve had my church Christmas dinner (missed the work one) and had the last week of school which was “The 5 Days of Christmas” and was very exciting and insane. Now I am on holiday! Until January 7th lol and I can not wait to just sleep as much as physically possible haha

    1. I’m so jealous! I worked up to and on Christmas Eve and was back in for the Friday, back in on Monday now until New Year’s Day then back in after that! Xxx

      1. I was sick for the first little bit, like right up until Christmas. Now my voice is finally back (after about a month or more) and I am no longer sick, still sleeping TONS but it’s all good lol

      2. Voice is 100% back, cough is gone, feeling AMAZING! A lady at church asked me yesterday if I had taken a holiday somewhere (like a proper get on a plane to sunny places) but it was just that I was rested 😂😂

  2. I would have loved your dinner. All but the Queen Roast, being Pescatarian. Tomorrow is one of two church Christmas celebrations and dinner and gifts at Reds house.

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