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Blogmas – Festive Friday


It’s the first Friday of Blogmas also known, here on the blog, as Festive Friday!  The theme for today’s Festive Friday is food and drink, specifically Snacks, Starters and Drinks that can be served to guests over the festive period.

Snacks are brilliant to place out for guests to help themselves to between meals or after dinner, things like crisps, nuts and chocolates are perfect as are finger foods like vegetable sticks, breadsticks, dips, cheese and crackers.

When it comes to drinks, I like to have a selection of wines (at least one bottle of red, rose and white), fruit juices – normally apple, orange, cranberry and pineapple, posh fizzy pop (I really like the Rose lemonade), a few different spirits (gin and vodka are my usual go-to spirits), and an Irish liquor.  I also like to keep handy a selection of teas and coffee too.

There are so many different starters to choose from in the shops now that it can be hard to make a choice.  My top tips when choosing a starter are to

  • Think about what you are having for the main course and dessert and choose something that will complement the flavours of those dishes
  • Don’t choose something with super-strong flavours or is really spicy as you don’t want the starter flavour to interfere too much with the flavours of what is to come
  • Choose something that is light and not overly filling.
  • Go for something fresh like a salad if in doubt

My favourite starters have been a wild mushroom tartlet made from puff pastry, prawn cocktail and a lovely smoked salmon salad.

What are your favourite drinks, starters and snacks over the festive period?

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