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Weekly Roundup 03/11/19 – 09/11/19


I’ve started reading a new book called “The One Plus One” by Jojo Moyes, which I started reading earlier this week after finishing reading “Who Is Tom Ditto?” by Danny Wallace.  I’m only a few chapters in but I am really enjoying it so far.

I’ve been watching The Apprentice and The Apprentice – You’re Fired which has been really good.  I’m not particularly keen on Lottie and hope she leaves soon!  I haven’t got a favorite yet which is a bit weird for me as usually this far in I have already got a favorite that I want to win!

I’ve been listening to a podcast called “Do You Even Blog?” which has been helping me to get back on track with blogging after my burnout from October.  It has been really positive to listen to someone who is so enthusiastic about blogging and shares loads of tips, advice, and help, and from that, I have learned so many things.  I really recommend this podcast to anyone who blogs or wants to start blogging.

I’ve been eating a lot of jacket potatoes with beans this past week or so, and lots of soup too.  It has been really cold and miserable weather-wise and this has been filling and warming too.

I’ve been getting back into drinking more tea recently and my go-to tea of choice has been Vanilla Redbush Tea by Tetley which smells as lovely as it tastes!

I’ve been given some stretchy exercise bands at my last physio session and have been using them to do some load-bearing exercises to try and improve my shoulder, I really wish I could say that that the exercises have been helping but at the moment I feel like the pain is getting worse.  I have set up my desk and pc in my spare room/office space and I have also painted one of the walls (opposite the small bit I had done previously).  All I need now are some shelves to be put up and I think that the room will be finished!

I’ve been feeling guilty that I have neglected the blog for the past few weeks and then I also felt a bit worried because it meant I was behind on my schedule which then led to me feeling even worse about not blogging.  Sitting down with my schedule and looking at what I had missed out writing, and moving things about has helped me to get back on track, and hopefully, this post will be the first in a long run of future posts!

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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